#13 Live Coaching – 10am BST – Wed 1st April

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  1. Hi Laura, Hope you are feeling better. This week my focus has been on pivoting and creating a mini course which I believe is urgent right now in my industry. The mini course how to create virtual retreats. I know in the current climate its a much needed service. However I have reached out to 20 existing clients who I thought would be great clients for my new programme. No one wanted to know more but thought it was a good idea. This week I sent out to my list of active list of 300 to announce I was running a master class. Simple 5 slides and 45 min 10 people attended. Feed back good Offer at the end was 8 module course on how to create a virtual retreat investment £497 No takers so not sure what I am doing wrong. I am taking this idea to my LinkedIn platforms. But there is a pattern here of people enjoying content on masterclass but no orders!!!

  2. I have a quick Q – I usually do my Joe Dispenza meditation most mornings, but I’m struggling a bit with the visualisation element – a lot of the things I used to visualise don’t really resonate right now – any advice about reconnecting with our big vision… it’s not a launch Q though – shall I bring to L and T ….

  3. Me! Youtube channel set up. Maybe you have covered this already. How do I set up a private channel – bet you have covered it!! I also want to know about the best way to present coaching classroom – like this one. What do you use? Cost, sign up, etc. What do you use. And what software for podcasts. Please.. Hope these are ok questions!. I am trying to get brave to do first webinar presentation… any tips… oh crap….!! we’ll get there…… I am trying not to panic and throw stuff out there but don’t want to miss the opportunity of connecting with people either…..

  4. When we have had to pivot and do a mini launch what should we do to get on track. Do I go back to previous modules as I feel i have lost the thread or should I just focus on this mini launch.

  5. I’m thinking of doing a ‘mini’ launch now but don’t want to distract from my own launch in May….. Thinkging of offering a DIY version without all of the coaching OR split out the first module (which would be a game changer and super useful right now). Then give a voucher towards full purchase in May….. Thoughts on how to best approach this or whether to just stick to the plan?!