#28 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 3rd June

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  1. Hi L, Really want to get my downsell email out tomorrow. To the people who were in my launch event. Super sensitive right now about the ‘muted’ movement on social media. Super sensitive just generally right now. I am listening and I am learning – working on myself. This morning you mentioned about whether we are serving with love and I feel comfortable that that is the case. My gut is to send the email but I wanted to check in with you.

  2. Hello Laura, thanks for the encouragement to ask questions! A few here. I will do a 5-day challenge launch. The workbook for it is in a checklist form. Would you include the key messages I want to transmit during the celebration party in it, in a “filling in the blanks” style, to keep people curious?
    Also, a question as for conversion ads, what is the min daily budget I should put? My ad runs since one day and no movement so far. Thank you! Sorry, I can’t be on the call. Best, Elena

  3. Laura, I can really use some tips on how to keep showing up in my business when I’m going through a loss of a relationship. It is definitely a perfect storm with everything happening in the world too this week! I know you went through this a few months ago and can use some advice.

  4. Hi Laura, I ran a 5 day challenge that went really well in terms of engagement, but the conversion was low – I think mainly because I had too many people in who weren’t my ideal customers! (Need better ad targeting next time!) I had 15 buyers though which is great and nearly 25% extra made on downsells. Only 745 out of 1898 joined the facebook group (this could be because my group wasn’t open from the outset of opening registrations!) and 14 out of my 15 buyers were in the group… but I’m just wondering whether to really focus on only having a facebook group next time round as it had so much engagement, or if the landing page is an essential element and I should follow the LLT plan again but better?!

  5. I planned to sell yesterday during my live session on my group on Facebook went downhill, now planning to invite everyone to a zoom session next week and see what happens. My group has 200 members, my email list 120 people, my linked has 2900 connections but only 30% is my niche.