Live Coaching 9 – 10am – Wed 18th March

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  1. Good morning, Laura! Taking the current context, I’ve made a freebie about teleworking with kids at home. A big page (250k) focused on motherhood, published an infographic yesterday on the same topic, giving just general advice. Women commented that it lacks the reality check and the hows. My freebie is a template to set one’s routines ad hoc. I wonder what would be the best way to connect to the women who expressed frustration and thus I assume, are interested in the topic. Comment and mention directly my freebie? Or comment and ask if they need some specific action plan, and if they answer, then share the link. I´ve made a short video about the video on my page with the link to freebie in the comments), shared it on my profile and in a group, also privately with my contacts. I wonder which link then to share (the video post or the direct link to my web). Thanks so much!

  2. I would appreciate your thoughts on my workshop flow.
    For context I am a productivity coach helping women juggling work, family & home to be better organised, to manage their time more efficiently and to more effectively prioritise their tasks.
    Provisional launch title: Balanced Life Bootcamp (my course is Your Balanced Life Blueprint)
    Workshop 1:
    Mindset Myths keeping them stuck on the hamster wheel.
    • Busyness is not the same as productivity
    • Stop focusing on getting more done, focus on getting the right things done
    • If you want a better work/life balance you need to know what that would look like for you

    Workshop 2:
    Where do people go wrong when planning their time?
    • No Plan – always reacting to circumstance
    • Thinking a To Do List is a Plan
    • Inconsistent Planning – no faith in it, so you don’t stick to it, so it doesn’t work, so you become consistent. Vicious circle
    • Backwards planning – putting all the sand into your day before the Rocks

    Workshop 3:
    Show them the whole path (before showing how they are skipping these steps)
    • Brainstorm – otherwise you can’t see what you are choosing from
    • Prioritise – not all tasks are created equal, when you say yes to one thing you are saying no to something else
    • Schedule – things that can happen at anytime often happen at no time v Parkinson law
    • Action – Procrastination Pitfalls
    • Respond – things will impact the plan… it is how you choose to respond. Plans are useless, but planning is essential… it helps you respond as life changes
    • Review – don’t keep making the same mistakes, plans don’t work forever unless life stays still (which it doesn’t)
    How most people work…
    • Have an incomplete list of random items that happen to be front of mind (usually other people’s priorities)
    • Assume that it all needs doing so it doesn’t matter what you do in any given moment
    • Avoid committing to a schedule because their past experience is that they can’t stick to it
    • Get stuck in decision making and perfectionism
    • React and ditch the plan as soon as something new comes in
    • Swear tomorrow will be different, even though they won’t be changing any of their habits

  3. Hi Laura – about FB ads:
    1) Do you have a separate ad targeting people who’ve engaged previously / watched a video to opt in? Or do you get most of your opt-ins from cold ads? Wondering about retargeting ads…
    2) In terms of repurposing content:
    I already have a series of 7 professionally done videos which I’ve been hosting on my website.
    I would say they’re high value and come with content upgrades (worksheets).
    They’re anything from 2.5 mins to 11 mins long.
    They don’t have captions at present.
    Only 1 of them (the shortest) is a standalone video. Then I have 2 series of 3 videos each. Not sure how these would work as videos for ads?

  4. Hi Laura, Finally I am here! Delightedly so! I am in full flow on writing the content for weekly posting, etc and it feels like a really good time to be showing up as my genuine self aswell as accountant and business ally. Creative juices are a flowing. I am in a process of catch up with your rate of speed and am determined to uphold the pace, albeit at a lag! 🙂 So, looking at the website I have AC up and running. Can you advise on the best way to get existing clients to opt in? I currently have them on my contacts list but need to get them across to the master list. I will follow the AC instructions but wondered if you have a thought? I am travelling along and getting the hang of it all and this training is awesome. Thank you! x

  5. I completely change my strategy, instead of launch a membership I’m going to launch a short course six-session online, and then if this works, then the second launch will be a member. My new freebie is How to get clients using Digital Marketing > very quick version of the course, what do you think? By the way, I have interviewed around ten people, and the feedback was great.

  6. I’m gonna come back to you re the Workshop outlines. I did send Megan a Freebie word doc outline – but actually I am going to re-write because I think I have got the wrong concept! It was a list of do’s and don’ts really but maybe there is something more dynamic to write given the current climate.