Live Coaching 8 – 6pm – Wed 11th March

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  1. Hi Laura – about being ‘a nice human’ – I’m frankly scared to reach out to others in DMs because my experience has been that people suck me dry. ‘Give an inch, take a mile’ is my experience. When the questions become too many, I suggest things like ‘read my ebook’ (on website via subscribing to my list) and then let me know if you have questions, or ‘I can’t answer this via text message, why don’t you set up a free Discovery Session’ – then hear nothing. I think what they want is my attention. They don’t want to do the work themselves. If they can’t get instant answers for free they’re not interested. I’ve had many experiences with this so that now I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know – and I definitely don’t want to invite more of it by reaching out myself! That seems crazy to me!

  2. Question about the freebie + launch list system. For this launch, I *really* want to generate new leads to my list who haven’t been through my webinar funnel yet. (Current list is at 22K after a cold subscriber scrub). So I have a new freebie and my plan is to connect it to a nurture sequence that doesn’t invite them to the free webinar training, as I would normally do. My question is… after 5 nurture emails, do they then join the regular list who gets my weekly broadcasts? As long as I’ve moved my weekly broadcast topics to just nurturing and free content? My worry is that I publish YT videos and blogs.. and that’s what I usually share in my weekly broadcasts. And all those have a million CTA buttons everywhere to take my free masterclass. So is it best to keep the new leads totally separate from the main list, & hope they don’t make their way into my evergreen funnel? OR should I turn my evergreen funnel into a “course opening soon” waitlist page? It just seems soon to do that consider the course opens in May… Thanks!

  3. Hi! Can I use the LTL program to launch two different products? I own a service-based business and a product-based business. Also, do I wait for the implementation stage to complete everything or do I do the work as I go through the lessons? I’m feeling like I’m behind already.

  4. Hi Laura, thanks for your answer this morning. I will open the new bonus today after the Q&A. I started private outreach to those who visited the sales page. How often can I go live or can I post in the group the next two days? 😉 I still have a lot of ideas, like: the course is for you/is not for you… / My vision for you / What’s your vision and what will help you faster to get there? / Why it is important to invest in yourself and your business / What topics are we going to cover in the modules / … But I can’t post every 2 hours, can I… ? I think I will overload them… I am sure, that you will cover all that in the later modules, but I would love to get a quick advice! <3

  5. The last launch I did I had 60 people sign up to the challenge and 6 people buy the (very low priced – £97) offer which makes a conversion rate of 10%. I’ve got my good, better and best lead target as 60, 100 and 200 but I’m not sure what to do about conversion rates: is 10%, 15% and 20% too optimistic? The product is a lot more expensive this time (£999). xx

  6. I came up with my workshop flow. Can you give me some feedback, Laura?
    1) The vast opportunities available for female developers – get them excited!
    2) The essential skills to master to get that first job
    3) Top 10 mistakes to avoid when you learn to code OR Top 10 tips to accelerate your learning
    My target audience is women who are already learning to code a few hours a week, looking to make more progress and willing to pay $25 / month for it!

  7. Hi Laura, I have a small FB Group of about 173. I do weekly FB Lives and some posting, but wondering what else I can be doing to create engagement and community within the group. Any suggestions you have would be welcomed. Thank you!

  8. Hi Laura, I have been nicely growing my network in LinkedIn. I must say I’m finding it surprisingly a lot easier than I thought. I have now done 2 challenges using videos and my invitations to connect have been accepted and I’m now actually getting daily requests for connection.
    I’m now thinking if I should be creating a community either in a LinkedIn group or invite people to a facebook group. Would you please guide me on what should I be considering firstly for the creation of the community and secondly when choosing the platform? Thank you.

  9. Hi. Another one.
    What are your tips around the name for the launch experience? What would you put into the name? Any does and don’ts? Thank you, Maria

  10. Hi Laura,

    I am finished module one, took me a long time if I’m honest, dream client is ok, as I have male and female fans it will be a broader niche for now,
    Regards the content planner, am I right in saying you pick one piece of content each week ( using the same topic ) using the same content rehashed and post it over your various channels on different days? I currently do 3 lives per week and email my lists Mon – Fri and post the same post on FB Business / Facebook Personal / Instagram at least 4 times per week what are your recommendations here? My email list ( 2000 ) is mainly fitness and I only have 200 on my new list for my new business but I have high open rates on my fitness list 20 – 30 % as I only email my new stuff which is a mindset with some fitness, but the issue is I have no website and wonder how I can get whoever is interested onto my new list. I only looked at the first video -strong foundations, is the strategy to get people onto my email list the main objective of module one .. if so I basically leave voice notes for people who like/follow / or reach out to me? My main source is Facebook but I do use Instagram too. in your bonus section, the community group how important is this to set up as I said before I have a fitness group of 4000 so should I try to move as many over to my new group if I set up rather than try to reengage this group? Sorry for all the questions just concerned about my progress as I am not great on the tech side but once I know I can get it done.

  11. Hi, I want to offer 1:1 services, group programs DIY version of the SAME thing. Of course, each level delivers a completely different experience. I don’t want to cannibalize my offers, or have my 1:1 clients wish they signed for the cheaper thing. I want to feel confident in my offering. In my launch I will offer a version of the group program. Right now this is what I have:

    – 1:1
    3 months private mentoring (x9 calls + voxer)
    Access to Self-Magic Portraits training AND to Color Quest Framework.

    – Group (society)
    9 months spread-out program. 
2 group calls a month. FB group.
    Access to Self-Magic Portraits training AND to Color Quest Framework.
    $2000 (early bird $1497)

    – DIY
    Access to the Self-Magic Portraits training. (NO color quest)
    $997 (special price $497?)
    I could offer FB group but I’d rather not run 2 separate groups…

    Does this look good? 
What would you suggest to make it so?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi Laura, since this is my first launch under my new business (not launch yet), so not sure what sort of price shall I start? As I don’t have examples or feedbacks from clients, for this type of service: membership and group-based. I do have lots of testimonial from my workshops and clients that I have delivery services. What’s sort of price do you think would be ideal for entering the market? I think I am a bit overwhelmed to put a package together.

  13. Hi Laura! Here is my experience and workshop flow, so far… I’m not set on exactly what/ how much to teach in workshop 3. This might not be enough for you to give an opinion on! But what do you think?
    Show them easy running (the whole mountain) and the right/ best way up (yoga, my method):
    Show them what running can be like, and the way to get there with yoga

    Here is my workshop flow:
    ‘What it takes to be the easy runner’ Show the joy that comes with easy running after putting in place the work to get there (core connection with yoga)
    ‘where some runners go wrong, and how we can course correct’
    My method of yoga for core connection to find more efficiency in running