Live Coaching 7 – 10am – Wed 11th March

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  1. Hi Laura, getting this in here before I forget! I put together a lead magnet of best websites for recipe inspiration before watching your lesson. So perhaps there is not quite as much forethought into it. I was really thinking it would be useful for yacht chefs and it relates to this weeks blog post. As to it leading into my offer which is an online membership to help and support yacht chefs, yes they struggle with inspiration. I’ve attached the PDF here if you would like to have a look.
    Hopefully that works.
    I’m not too sure I need the first page with quite a bit of blurb though, perhaps that’s the first email in the nurture sequence? Thanks so much

  2. In one of the training videos for growing and nurturing your audience, you mention 80% of video is watched with out sound (I do this all the time). You recommend transcribing and adding this to the videos. 1. Are you doing this for FB live replays 9If so how do you do that)? 2. In general how do you add the words to a video that’s hosted on your website or Youtube.

    Thank you!

  3. Watching the repurposing video and I’m obsessed with repurposing content lately. Where would you suggest finding a content writer (is that the title I’m looking for) who can take my videos and turn them into blogs and social media posts etc. Video is my favorite to do. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  4. Hi Laura! I didn’t use slides so far in my launch workshops. Ok it all started like that as I didn’t take the time in my first workshop style launches. I do a combination of signs (like Rachel Miller), Flipchart (like Susan Garrett) and I also show a lot of the things I use for my design into the camera. And I throw confetti 🙂 Sometimes I switch to 1 or 2 slides to show my system for example and in the celebration party I use them to show the course. Do you recommand showing slides now or stay with my style? Why? I don’t really need them as a consumer and looking back never watch them anyway.

  5. Ugh, I’m so far behind! Still on lesson 1 track 2… ??.
    Here’s my opt in situation. I think it’s messy…
    1) Ebook
    2) A mini e-course (you could call this a nurture sequence – 6 emails)
    3) Weekly newsletter (mostly it’s my blog or other social content sent in an email)
    I don’t have separate opt-ins. You opt in once and get everything. I’ve submitted my copy to the copywriter (forgot her name – is it Tanya?) to get advice.
    GDPR makes it a bit harder I think because you have to be upfront about everything you’re opting into.
    Does this seem messy? Is it better to have separate opt-ins? For me the ebook and the nurture sequence are high value and really give potential clients a sense of what’s involved as well as my approach – so I think it’s better to subscribe once and get it all.

  6. Dear Laura, I will close cart on friday, 10 pm. So I will bake a Q&A today (wednesday) evening. I think about telling a personal story about doing the first step on thursday, combine it with some testimonials. And I would like to offer access to my online library with online trainings for 12 weeks as an additional bonus. What do you recommend. Should I communicate this new bonus on thursday or on friday? (Have 20 sales now, out of 650 people on my launch list).

  7. Hi Laura, the challenges I’ve run in the past have worked really well for me. They are usually 5 days (one was 3) and they do create an experience for my audience. Typically called ‘Get A Client in 5 Days’ and last one was ‘Double Your Leads & Bag A Client’. Last challenge had 380 people take part and 44 people join my membership. People get awesome results and it creates an awesome buzz. I run the challenges live – a 10-15 min video each day with a short task. I guess I am feeling resistance to doing things differently (your way with slides etc.). I perform much better off the cuff/live. I guess I’m wondering whether I’m feeling resistance because it’s something new and I should roll with it and try it your way, or whether I have something that works and I should just look to make it even more awesome by taking some of the things you do e.g. Q&A on business page (love this idea to share buzz), celebration party etc.

  8. Hi Laura, question re. good, better, best. I don’t have a base atm so is it ok to think “how much would I like to make to make the launching worthwhile”? It’s £10k for me as my good figure. Been through the numbers and need 330 leads at 3%. Is that right kind of thinking?

  9. In track 2 you mention spending 80% of ad budget on growing and video being the most cost effective way. Right now my growth strategy is an opt in that gives people a copy of my success path. If I switch to video as a growth strategy, how do I get people onto my email list via video ?

    I want to spend around 100 per week on ads, so weighing up where to spend. I do weekly live with top tip and I also have my opt in, so just wondering whether to push video more as a growth strategy as I don’t do this currently.

  10. I’m a bit behind… argh!
    a)In relation to the ideal client: mine is a creative female entrepreneur, do you think I should define further?
    b)What do you mean by > What are some of the questions relevant to your market?

  11. Could we have a mini training or is there some examples where we can see visual examples of the different types videos with captions etc. Sorry to be cheeky to ask for more as this course is full of content and value already.

  12. I’m a little bit stuck with what to base my workshops on.
    My optin is a ‘9 marketing mistakes that could be killing your fitness classes’ .
    I’m planning to use LLT to launch my ‘done-for-you’ marketing success content packs. Currently they are £29, but I’m going to increase this in time for the launch (£39/£49 pm). The packs include 40 social media posts, 2 blog posts and a special resource each month which they can use in their business. I’m also going to be adding a layer of accountability and get it done together into the offer, as that is what will get them the biggest transformation and results.
    I need the workshops to show them how they can build their business on FB, to realise how much their time is costing them, and therefore how much value this pack represents in saving them the overwhelm, time, stress etc
    I’m thinking along the lines of Magnetise Your Marketing workshop, where I can address the things in the freebie, but I’m not sure if this is the right track to go down?
    Maybe I’m overthinking it, or am guilty of trying to throw too much at them again – would love your thoughts please

  13. What if you have too many ideas (overwhelmingly so) about what + how to launch? I keep going back and forth between what’s the best offer to launch and – although I had decided my offer when I bought this programme – I keep doubting myself. My last launch didn’t go well and I think this has really affected my own confidence in myself.

  14. I have a question regarding content. I am planning the audience building content that leads into my challenge. Do I need for each content piece a new freebie? Or is the freebie always the same?

  15. Hi Laura! I’m in travel and I’m a coach for travel professionals and hotels who are going through some major issues now with the C virus. I’m considering tweaking my content or pausing for a bit as the atmosphere is different now. How would you go about this?