Live Coaching – 6pm – Wed 26th Feb

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  1. I have a membership which I open quarterly. I want to launch my group coaching programme in May, which is also when my membership would open. Is there any way to tying these in together or will it just complicate things? Membership is £49 a month, group coaching programme will be £500 per month

  2. I have many emails from webinar signups, freebies, etc that I haven’t moved to my main newsletter list. Can you lay out a simple process that can help me warm them and get them on the main list? I’m thinking 3-4 emails warm up is what I can realistically take on. What content should be in these emails?

  3. Do you think my content themes are ok for bringing my perfect people into a Facebook group for the launch and then offering either the Immersion Camp or the Online Program: 1. Learning Chinese as an adult is extremely difficult, but as a child it’s not. 2. The younger you start, the better. 3. How to make sure your child masters Chinese. 4. Make Chinese learning fun. 5. Ways kids can learn Chinese even if there is no Chinese community nearby. 6. Tips for kids learning Chinese online 7. Pitfalls to avoid (how to spot ineffective programs) 8. Mindset of the parent is the most important factor in child’s success

  4. Hi, I swapped over from mail chimp to mailerlite last year, (I have 17 subscribers) is it going to be easier for this course to put them back over to use mail chimp for the time being ?

  5. Hi Laura,
    I currently have an online course that is designed to help beauty professionals and makeup artists run a successful business.
    It currently runs as an online programme with 10 modules released 1 per week and with 5 121 coaching sessions included. I have sold 3 of these so far. This is high ticket price. This programme and coaching is transformative for the client.
    I have also just launched a monthly membership at a low ticket price to help my audience who want monthly accountability and support.
    My goal is to launch in May with the online course in the same format but as a group programme instead of the 121 coaching.
    I have a big goal for this of 30 students.
    I have an email list and an engaged audience in a Facebook group.
    Even though I know my audience and their pain points and believe I have the ability and skills to help them, I am scared of my launch failing as this is currently main focus and source of income. Any advice on how to dim the voice of the chimp? And do you think that what I have planned is feasible?

  6. Hi, I have 450 signups now for my free launchweek next week. ? So I tested YouTube Live today, because it seems so easy instead of bringing all people to Zoom. I couldn’t find how to remove the “similar videos” at the end after closing the stream. Do you have a hint for me or did you show these and I don’t remember?

    1. Oh sorry, will ask this in the quick q&a on Facebook and it’s not possible to delete this comment. I have another question: I have a waiting list for my course and will offer them a presale. I am not sure if I should invite them to a special live-session where I introduce the course and give them their special bonus or if I should just send them a “simple” e-mail with the details and their special offer for this one day?

  7. Hi Laura! I’ve been through this week’s training. I’m what you’d class as ‘strong foundations’ level – BUT – I know how to use ads and how to get perfect leads through them. Would you suggest I do both? I.e what you say in ‘next level’ section?

  8. is it a good idea to get ONLY a list of very keens that know they want to do your service or get a separate list of just interested too so you can nurture them more, or just leave these ones watching on social media ?

  9. I re-listened to this morning’s call, and i need to close this gap… 🙂

    I decided to sell till May evergreen (and under the radar) using my amazing masterclass-webinar: “Build a never-ending bank of visual content.”
Launch in May the 12 week intensive version of Self-Magic Woman.
    and after the 12 weeks, the membership.

    The question is: 
what do I sell via the evergreen funnel, NOW?
1) the year long program (that runs now with 3 people?) which i may terminate?

    2) the Portraits training alone (DIY with one session with me)

 -which is what I plan to offer to those that DON’T buy in the big launch.)

    Thank you!

  10. I have a TINY membership of students from my 12-week coaching programme.

    Each month I send members a lesson and we have a 90 min group coaching call.

    At the moment, I’m doing a series for them on body image. Feb was the first month in this series. I want to keep inviting past students to the membership.
    Here are some thoughts about this month:

    1) simply keep inviting them with a description of this month’s material, what they stand to gain from it, why it’s important to do this work etc (as I usually do). They would only receive March’s lesson.

    2) give them a special this month only. If they join for March, they’ll also get Feb’s lesson (which was an introduction on body image work) for free.

    3) send them the introductory lesson (Feb) without consent, so they get a taste of it, and invite them to subscribe to get the March lesson. Not sure about this because they’ve taken my course and know me and the kind of stuff I provide…

    On the FB thread you suggested a webinar. Knowing what it took for me to pull of the last one, I don’t have the capacity for that now (hopefully I will get better and faster at it!).


  11. I believe you mentioned that you’re not a huge fan of free Facebook Groups open all the time… can you explain why if so? if not, and you like free open all the time Facebook Groups, how do you use them for building towards a launch?

    1. (background) I have a FB group with 1700+ people in it but am thinking of closing it down even though it has a little engagement from the questions I post to get engagement. I find it hard to get them into a launch…

  12. I have a course I’m launching, the copy and sales page is ready…but I also have another course I’m planning…for the modules that focus on the sales page and copy…could I work on the sales page for the second course or should I just focus on the one course I’m launching right now.

  13. Specific to this weeks topic on audience building…my audience on social media is moms…but my course requires a very specific audience very new or expecting moms who want to learn about how to breastfeed without complications. How will I be able to get the right people to purchase the course as I am hesitant to share the course to the current audience as not all are new moms…will the audience building strategy focus on targeted facebook ads or how can I build my audience without boring my current audience with a course they don’t need?

  14. Hi Laura,
    I am currently on the what questions I would ask on module one and will have module one complete by Friday, now it is a new business and I remember you saying not to build anything out as we will do this through the process on this course.
    My plan is to do a 90-day group with upsells to one to one life coaching but I have nothing set up currently on any of this, my email list is 2,200 with 1700 on of them on my gym list so should I move them to my new business email as I only have 500 on my new business email list.
    I also have a fitness group with 4,000 people but currently only sharing my live videos from my new Busines page onto so should I set up a new one or reengage this one. Sorry for all the questions but I am, feeling a bit overwhelmed due to seeing the rest of the guys seem to be a good but ahead of me. I set up a new business page as it’s my new business just called Derek Rowe I have 1550 people wit live videos organically getting between 800 to 1400 views, I only now share stuff to my personal page ( videos ) from business page and every post is posted on personal, business and Instagram with Instagram not growing at all.

  15. If you have time (no worries if you don’t) – Any coaching tips on how to do the work? I know I know, you’re laughing at me, but I mean – I watch the amazing videos, and then I watch again x1.5 speed to write notes… and then I just don’t finish all of the actions! Then I get frustrated that I am not motivated to finish… but I am super motivated to watch the video again! {Face palm} .. I really want to #dothework – Any tips on how to complete it (not in a perfectionist way, just in a normal way) THANKS J x