Live Coaching 2 – 6pm – Wed 19th Feb

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  1. Hi Laura! I’m fairly new at “officially” helping entrepreneurs with my offer although that’s what I do in my 9-5 and have the qualifications to back it up. However, I don’t have enough testimonials from online entrepreneurs. How do I do a beta-launch so I can get enough testimonials and experience?

  2. Hi! Great coaching call this morning! I have an online course that will open again for enrollment in May, so I will be following the LLT timeline for that. However, the current course cohort is going on now and will be ending March 8th, and then I’ll be opening the doors to the back-end membership at the end of March or the first week of April (before I’ve learned all your wisdom). What are some of your favorite tips/suggestions to promote the membership after they have already gone through our 8 week course together? (In a future Q & A I can share what I usually do and specific questions, but for now I’d love to hear your initial tips for a successful enrollment into back-end memberships). Thanks!!

  3. I know this’ll be covered later in more depth but for my March launch…

    I’m relaunching my signature programme HEAL in March. There’ll be a pay in full option and 12 monthly instalment option at checkout. I don’t want to offer a VIP level on the sales page (various reasons why) however wondering if you have some thoughts on the profit booster side (once people have signed up).

    It’s a mindset programme to help women heal their relationship with fear so they can become the bravest, boldest, most courageous version of themselves in their business.

    Thank you ❤️??

  4. Hi Laura! I am in a launch right now. I have already 250 signups for my free week. I have a free (active) facebook group with 770 participants. Many of them joined my free week. I am thinking about to use this free facebook group as my launch group. I did this the last time and it worked well. But now I feel a bit uncomfortable because there a some competitors in the group. I know, I should not take care of this but I am afraid of silly comments, like “I know it better than you”. Do you have a mindset tip for me?

  5. And if there is time at the end of this call 🙂 I’d like to launch with 3 workshops and 1 mentoring and I am not sure about the weekdays. First thought is: monday = Workshop, tuesday = workshop, wednesday = mentoring, thursday = workshop & open cart // second thought is: mo, we, fr = workshop ; thursday = mentoring ; monday next week = offer & open cart. What is your experience about the weekday for open the cart?

    Create unlimited brand photos without hiring a photographer. 

    Reveal yourself and your authentic brand.

    Become visible as you build a never-ending bank of visual content, 
and never worry about how to feed your feed!

I realized that my biggest challenge is to determine the suite/sequence of offers:
Considering today’s lesson, there are the options:

    a) 12 weeks 
Self-Portraits + Color Quest framework experience, focusing on inner and outer work. 
under $2000.

    ?This can lead to ongoing membership, AND /OR a more expensive brand building mastermind. 

    This is what I *really* want to offer.

    b) 4 weeks 
Intensive Self-Portraits Intensive. 
under $500.

    ?This can lead to annual membership, AND /OR a more expensive brand building mastermind. 

    pros: lower ticket, more people may be willing to try it. 

    cons: The initial offer is less profitable. UNLESS offer it as an additional, lower tier. 

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Laura, I’m preparing for a my current launch starting March 2nd. Aside from emailing my launch list the entire launch email sequence, I plan to email my entire big email list once and a while through the launch to entice them to join the launch. Should I email all of them these sporadic emails during the launch, or perhaps segment this big list? what do you suggest?

  8. Hi Laura! I created a free course to build my email list. You mentioned going with the offer that has the most value. Can I do both promote my free course and the high value offer? Or, just focus on the high value offer?