Live Coaching 6 – 6pm – Wed 4th March

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  1. I got the 2019 email launch plan however still confused on one point.

    For people on my MAIN list that haven’t joined my LAUNCH list, what about emails to them during launch week? I feel like I’m missing out by not emailing them (some don’t want to do a free challenge, they just want to get into the programme).

    I’m confident emailing my LAUNCH list during cart open week, but I get confused what kind of emails and when to email my MAIN list during cart open – would love a plan for these.

  2. Affiliate launch with alumni: Last year I offered them to apply as JV or do the “Bring a friend” if they have individual recommandations. What do you think about it to give the options?
    The difference was that the first group had all the JV support, the contest… – the others just got the link for the individual recommendation. Love the idea of Jasmin that they get prices and not money. Just don’t know how to track that in my system. Can’t use any of your systems in the German market. We’ll figure it out.

  3. Hello Laura, I doubt whether to start a fb group or not. I have a page of aprox 1500 women, 270 Instagram and 8 people list:) I will continue growing fb, Instagram and my list, but I wonder whether it makes sense to create the group additionally or keep it for the launch experience. I like the idea of connecting on a one-to-one level. Thanks!

  4. You mentioned in this morning’s call to offer things and point them to the WAITING LIST. 

    Now, my program is already running… 
So, how about pointing them to the waitlist, and once IN THERE, to already offer them a special deal (using a timer?) so they get 2 months extra, and an early bird price?
Will that kill my launch?

    Thank you!

  5. Can I ask a question about launching pages? I have a launch running now and I am prepping the last Video 4 page which is the sales video and in it I tell people to go to another webpage which the sales page to buy. I want to put a link button on the Video 4 page under the video box, do you think this is a good idea? If so, what should the button say? It’s too late now to put the video on my sales page since we are too close to Open Cart to change it.

  6. I’ve just had two days event in Zurich delivering digital marketing course, and I did say to them that I’m planning a new business that I will send further info via email. Now that I have 20 women keen to hear more, shall I just follow your program and invite them to the launch list? or shall I try another strategy?

  7. So, I am plugging away. Need to get Active Campaign set up for website and get the freebie written so can collect emails. I did struggle to get a video uploaded to FB – still to do. So I am trying to get my head round all the tech and the content creation. Will look at outsourcing too. So I’m here and listening and watching and learning… and writing and trying to catch up with the power hour and getting content out…. 🙂 I have been stalking your various pages and trying to have a strategy around what to post where… Can you comment on Active Campaign and why its better than Mailchimp? Thx