Live Coaching 12 – 6pm – Wed 25th March

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Following your advice this morning regards changing my course to a membership I am unsure what to do regards price.
    My initial thought for the membership is around the £95 per month mark.
    This would give them access to the full course that currently retails at £995 while they pay the membership fee. Also included would be group coaching for a period of time.
    I currently have a low ticket membership that is aimed at business support and priced at £29 per month. This is to help my clients improve business skills, to get more clients and support them on their journey.
    I am not sure whether to keep the two seperate or to create one membership. I feel I do have two types of clients right now and not sure that one membership would serve them both but ready to adapt and change to current climate. Would love your thoughts please. xxx

  2. Hi Laura,
    Hope you’re doing good since last week ?
    We have chatted about me doing a webinar Sunday week and using zoom can you explain a bit how this works, I will put some money on Facebook ads starting Friday I hope, what is the best way to market organically, obviously to my email list and posts every day? My gym is now closed so obviously need a source of income asap and have been solely concentrating on this and started to sell an interactive home workout using zoom yesterday, I have not had time to do much on this course at all since last week due to me juggling so much regards staff and gym clients etc but definitely will launch end of May / Jun my 90 day program and one to one, I just feel lowe cost stuff is better and on a webinar, I will sell the 21-day mindset for 50 euro, thanks Derek.

  3. Tomorrow I will be doing a webinar into a private Facebook group, planning to invite people to my future list. Shall I offer something during the webinar or just ask them to my list? Thanks for the hands up!