Live Coaching 11 – 10am – Wed 25th March

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  1. Hi Laura and thanks for being our lighthouse!

    Q – In my membership I want to have monthly videos from chefs showing some techniques for plating up (putting the food on the plate in a pretty way). I’ve been in touch with some and I’m not too sure what the exchange should be. Do I pay them? if so, how do I work out how much or could it be more of an exchange of something? Like when people have guests on their podcasts? I think this is this different, as my audience are unlikely to eat at their restaurant regularly. Could a live zoom call work? just not too sure about the demos of showing the food plating up.

    Also at the moment there are a lot of chefs not working or down to minimum hours, so in an ideal world I’d love to ask them to make a short video for me and for me to be able to pay them and help them. Problem is that I also have lost my cooking work so don’t have funds to do this. I would prefer to have some sort of exchange. But at the same time, I don’t want to be exploitive. I was wondering about exchanging video for some coaching, but not too sure if this is a fair exchange? I feel that would be a win, win for me, what would be a good offer to them?
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again!

  2. Help please! I feel confused about the type of experience I should offer. You said my workshop flow sounded overwhelming, and disjointed (I agree) so I am going back to the mountain and reassessing my theme.
    My course is called ‘Core: Connect’ and is a six week yoga program for runners to increase core and glute strength, whilst also building mobility and flexibility, and increase their awareness of their posture and the way they move – for more efficient, injury-free running. The word ‘connect’ refers to connecting the core centre to the upper and lower bodies with ideal posture and therefore efficient movement. Many runners (and people in general) are ‘disconnected’ meaning they lack core/ glute strength and the awareness of how it connects the rest of the body together to move in the most natural way. the main reason runners get injured is due to poor technique – which is due to insufficient strength, mobility and flexibility – and the awareness of it!
    The main things I want to get across are:
    1. the importance of core and glute strength for running naturally and injury free
    2. that just strength is not enough but that we must ‘connect’ to it through awareness and correct posture
    3. also that sufficient mobility and flexibility are crucial in addition to strength, for this ‘connection’ – we can only then find optimal posture and movement

    Previously I had: see the whole mountain (injury free running) and now the right way up (yoga)
    – Discover that yoga is right for them (not sure as most will already have at least some interest in yoga, and a bit broad)
    – Create a habit of yoga to achieve injury-free, efficient running (this could work, why to create a habit of yoga in my method)
    – Go deep on what core connection really means (what’s in it for them)

  3. and just regarding names, I know Deborah will speak on this next week, but I’m thinking instead of something abstract like Easy Runner or Run Strong, it could be the Connect to your Core Challenge, to follow through into the Core: Connect Program.
    Thank you so much, Laura!

  4. Q1) – Hi Laura! Could you show us the behind the scenes of your video set-up, please? Do you always use your Logitech camera when you chat with us and create your video content? I only have my computer camera at the moment. Does Logitech come with software to record video content or is that when you use a separate camera on a tripod, etc?

  5. Hi Laura, as you know the retreat industry has been turned upside down in the current climate. I wanted to encourage my clients to promote their retreat programmes as a virtual retreat. I feel stuck now as to how to promote my marketing message. That is where I feel I fall through the gap to get my message across and get my existing clients to work with me and encourage new clients in my funnel as per this Love To Launch Course. So I will be creating a new short launch and followed the model in your bonus training video on reaching out to clients via a short one to one email or via messager. I sent 20 messages and had 2 replies wanting to know more. But how do I successfully reach out to the colder audiences to get them to know more about creating virtual retreats? I need a copywriter I think?

  6. Hi there. Well. Not sure that I have questions more than where I’m at! As an Accountant I have been at full tilt looking after my people. Some are ok. Some have no option but to get into holding their financial position as far as possible and shutting down. I am trying to negotiate the new offerings of the government. So being new to this online game, I have done a couple of things. I have put up a webpage dedicated to links to HMRC, etc re all the grants, funding, new support measure. Then I opened a FB group for small businesses and self-employed to come along to equally to discuss the ‘how to’ of accessing the gov offerings, etc. I had been fearful of all this tech stuff but I am jut throwing myself in. I am re plotting my offering which will be about coming back stronger in business and what we learnt and how we can make something even more fantastic. So that’s me. Running out of time to leave this message so stopping now… Am going for it. Gonna catch up with your lessons asap… now that the dust is settling a bit re catching everyone! xx

  7. My question is… I had an offer in place for launch in May for the prove of my course but I am concerned that my audience – beauty and makeup artists have been hugely hit by the current situation and would not invest in the course. With this in mind, I was thinking of changing it to a membership as opposed to a course. so they would pay monthly for access to the modules and to the group coaching. What are your thoughts on this?

  8. Do I revisit the course with a different action plan in mind- a quick emergency launch. My clients are desperate to get some money in.

  9. I was planning a retreat “Food, Friends & Photos” in Greece in September. Obviously, it won’t happen. 
So, i thought of using the idea to reopen my FREE group. the theme fits for connecting. I can do a couple of lives (no need to create new content), ask people to invite friends (and share recipes…)… 
Feels easy and joyous. 
Not sure about quality of leads, but I will invite “women who are the face of their business, building their personal brand”

    This will lead to my DIY Self Portraits on EVERGREEN (which i will set up asap) I know how to do that)

    ?“DIY brand photos from your living room. No need to hire out or get out!”
    $497 with a FB group (AND a call a month bonus while in quarantine)

    What do you think about this? how can I roll from there to my launch? when do I tell them?
    Thank u!