Live Coaching 5 – 10am – Wed 4th March

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  1. I’m looking for creative ways to share previous video content to build our audience. We have a series of 7 videos “The 7 Pillars of a Successful Tutoring Business” that we used during our last launch. We will do something different for this launch, so I would like to think of creative ways we can re-purpose those videos (which got good response). Laura, do you have a few ways I could use these 7 videos? Maybe doing a FB ad with the first video to new audiences to build awareness and hopefully get them to like our page? Any other ideas? (We have had 300 people go through our course, so we are in Track 2.) Thanks!

  2. Good morning Laura!
    I am working on my launch experience.
    As you know, I am holding a paid weekend retreat in March. I do not want people to be angry if they pay for the retreat and find some of the content in the free experience.
    I want to make it different, but because I am me, and my way of doing things is not going to be completely different, there will be some overlap. Is that a problem, or would you very careful about repeating any part of it?
    Because I am going deep on the paid weekend, I would like to have the launch more of an overview / taster . Thinks about this?

  3. In order to increase engagement in advance of my launch, I thought I could do a free weekly live Q&A.
    I could do it in my FB group (which is a bit slow) or FB Page (but my area is a sensitive one, and I think people prefer a safe space to ask vulnerable questions).
    But, I want to get off FB as much as possible… so thought perhaps I could do it on Youtube? I don’t have a following on Youtube. Does this matter?
    I would love some guidance about the best way to approach this and publicise it to my list, current free FB group etc.
    Thank you!

  4. I have a past client who got astounding results from my method and 1:1 work. She has an engaging community as a coach to life coaches, and would be thrilled to be my affiliate.
    I feel that I’d love to have her as an affiliate when my one community will be bigger, and after I have a mass of my fans. Otherwise I will feel like a substitute teacher (and paid accordingly) in someone else’s class. This situation triggers me.
    She will definitely agree to have me share a masterclass in her group, but I know she wants more…

    Is it healthy to have affiliates at this point? (Maybe spend more on ads instead?)
    I am basically restarting my business… Is it common at this stage to offer less that 50% commission without sounding greedy?

    Is there a mindset shift I need here? One way or another? Thanks!

  5. One of last week’s Bonus Tasks was to create a video ad. Any thoughts on the type of content to go for in a video ad. How long would you recommend the video should be as an audience building ad? Less than 1 minute so that it can go on Instagram as well as FB (my primary platform)?
    Should it be tied into the freebie we are creating this week. Would you get video and freebie to work together? Video ad first for video views? Then re-target for freebie?

  6. I am looking at some ideas for coming up with freebies.
    My audience are entrepreneurs and leaders. I’m challenged trying to come up with a quick win for them.
    Some of the things they have come to me saying they need is:
    clarity around where to focus their efforts, income producing activities, being more aligned with purpose in what they are doing,
    they have a lack of people to talk to with maturity that are on the same wavelength, how they wait for others (family, peers),
    My ideas currently are
    -a tip sheet to help them sort ideas and create focus.
    – self coaching questions to ask in challenging situations
    I’d love some thoughts or ideas!

  7. Nurture sequences.
    My freebie consists of 12 emails – 10 days of free guidance plus an intro and a final email to keep them on my master list which means they move to my weekly emails, all of which include free training/ guidance via text and video.
    Having lots more emails to ‘nurture’ them in, as per the lesson, seems counterintuitive after so many days of me in their inbox already.
    Almost 100% stay anyway to date and I don’t want to put them off.

  8. Laura – thinking ahead to launch week – have you ever tried different times than 7pm for workshops and masterclass? Also running a masterclass on a Friday night, plus the weekend catch ups?

    Do you think asking audience is a good idea? Or will people all give different answers??

  9. Love the course so far 🙂 currently my nurture seq is 3 emails, each one with a different video -following on from a video mini training video lead magnet. I have been wondering whether to include more emails in the nurture seq with old blog posts/ videos that they get sent on a different day to my regular weekly video/ blog. I feel a bit like this could be sending them too much stuff.. what do you think?!

  10. I’m filling out my content scheduler now and thinking about what is going to go where. Do I post my blog articles on my Facebook page or in my group?

  11. I’ve got a huge problem separating my 1:1 ‘done for you’ biz and working on my launch, my own biz. I’m desperate for it, I feel like I’ve got a map via this programme but seriously struggling for time! My q’n: what do I outsource? I already outsourced a few clients in my 1:1 model but doing some massive launches in Mar/Apr and clients want me. What’s good to outsource for this biz?? organic lead gen? Copy? Any advice much appreciated. I have to leave soon to go to the hospital so could you time stamp for me, please?

  12. Sorry arriving late. 2 questions sorry if someone has already asked these. 1)Do you recommend different types of video not just me to camera. 2) Emails are one of my 4 contact methods When do you recommend I start an email campaign with a new audience and what would be good content.

  13. I’m being a cheeky monkey adding this on at the end, if this is for the group I’ll happily move my Q…..I do a weekly live on FB and it goes nowhere, so my aim is from this week to download and subscription, then add to insta and you tube so i can email to my list….my quetion is should i rev the video then upload the srt in FB? will the subtitles download from FB? or do I need to add SRT file in FB and on the downloaded video after ? I am confused on how to subtitle so they appear on FB, You Tube and Insta

  14. My freebie & nurture sequence is in place, with a FB ad set up yesterday to start attracting people towards it.
    What is your recommendation for the last email in the sequence? Should it just be adding value, and then they automatically get added into the Instructor Insider Email I send each week, or should I be looking to get them to take a different action? e.g make a small price, high value purchase or other commitment e.g 50% discount code off one of my Marketing Success Done-For-You Content Packs, that would give them an idea of what they’d receive from me if they become a member?
    My freebie is a guide – The 9 Marketing Mistakes That Could be Killing Your Fitness Classes (and how to fix them) .