Live Coaching 3 – 10am – Wed 26th Feb

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  1. HI Laura
    I will launch my clinic course in May. This is my basic course for therapists, health coaches and yoga instructors that helps them get more clients.
    Usually I have this course evergreen.
    When people join they get access to the course, a Facebook group (I answer questions once a day) and 12 coaching calls with me (once a month for 12 months)

    I am intending on doing a “summer school” og a “live round” with this launch. That means giving coaching calls and helping them to implement the course after the launch. From 25 May to 7 July.
    I will give lots of coaching calls to help them implement

    My question for you is

    what to do with the therapists already joined? Some of them 4 years back, some of them last year etc. (200 alumni all in the Facebook group)
    Some of them have life time access (I know! stupid idea) and for the rest of them they have 12 months access to the Facebook group and my coaching calls once a month

    The course is $ 1600,-

    I was thinking of doing this “summer school” in a separate Facebook group since I will give a lot of coaching during that time .
    But need to find a way to offer my already students to join this live summer event. I think the people joined this course earlier this year could join for free, but not the people join before that.

    Any ideas for me?

  2. Hi Laura,
    I went through the launch planning in the success accelerator. Great idea to listen to the inner voice. Mine says 7% conversion is not possible for my totally “not used to online courses” audience if I have a big launch list of 7000 or 10000. Any thoughts around this or examples?

    This brought the idea to make special content in the cart open period on that. Like a training “Don’t be scared of an online course.”

    So far I had around 3% for my B2B and 1% to my B2C.


    In January, I sold Self-Magic Woman Society as a 9 month program (April to till Dec) to 3 people. They got in with early bird pricing, 2 “extra” months ahead of time, and lots of attention. They get intense support for one week every month, when they have their photoshoot.

    My options forward:
    1) Turn the 9-month Society into an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP. Start selling it Evergreen as of NOW (with a webinar-masterclass.)
launch in May the 12 week intensive version of Self-Magic Woman. I could give the early people the option to access the intensive.

    2) Offer nothing till the May, then launch the 12 week intensive version of Self-Magic Woman, where I offer
    a) an UPSELL: the membership (or ongoing support till the end of the year).
    b) the membership later, after I see how many people I will have that would go for this option.
    Serve these 3 people in the meantime, and offer them to take the intensive instead of the “one-week-a-month-till-end-of-the-year”. (Aka, terminate the initial offering.)

    3) Another idea…. 
Thank you!

  4. Hi Laura. I am following your advice and I’ve downloaded IG onto my phone. How the hell one creates stories and whatnot I have no idea – but maybe one of my kids, nephews or nieces might show me:). I’ve been reaching out to 3 people per day. I’ve started off with people who have followed me. I’m sending either a voice message or a text message. Two questions:
    1) Can you give me a non-cringey script of how to connect in a way that isn’t about ‘JOIN MY LIST, JOIN MY LIST!’
    2) Many people who follow me have private accounts, so I can’t reach them. That isn’t a question really, just a statement!
    3) When I’ve run out of people who follow me, how else do I connect with people on IG?

  5. Morning lovely! {I might not be on the call, cos Im on a mission to do alot of work this week!}
    Related to ideal client – I have 2 – one on my sex site and one not. Both I really want to be in my membership and both are my ideal client.
    Q – Do I stick to the long term plan of trying to attract both in to the membership… or go for the easy option for May 2020 and just have the sex site ones (feels like the easy option) but then what happens later on when it turns out to just be one type of my true/real ideal clients in the membership… it will make it much harder to bring in the newbies or story readers. I really want BOTH in my membership. So would that mean 2 ideal clients… 2 approaches … 2 marketing messages … 2 sales pages? Thanks. J x

  6. Hey Laura, I’m doing the work despite that resistance to put myself forward! It’s so weird, I do without thinking in real life but to put it into words and in the online space brings up a lot of ‘argh’ 😉 But here I am anyway!

    I want to hone my message to entrepreneurs and leaders who are faith based, growth orientated and have a bigger mission than their own success.
    In response to your first weeks training I am deciding between a mastermind – group orientation, or offer it 1:1 at a higher price so I get a committed client. I just had a lady approach me for mentoring in her business and faith, I have not advertised so I went through your questions and answered them based on what she told me. She paid in full and wants to start already! It also seems that most of my other clients have been similar.

    My question is: is this too generic?
    1) What is the very specific result I want to get people with my offer?
    Clarity and focus to know exactly what they are doing and who they are in business and life.

    2) What do I need to include to get my audience faster results?
    Accountability and the time to evaluate her decisions and progress, removing things that are not working.

    3) What do I need to include to get my audience better results?
    Ways to help her focus and be productive. Training to improve quality of thinking.

    4) What do I need to include to get my audience easier results?
    I could do productivity training

    5) Are there any other upgrades or bonuses I can add on for certain types of customers?
    Could add a specific video training on sorting through the to-do’s to simplify and be more productive.
    Faith elements and personal development keys to succeed from within.

    6) List out the biggest struggles your people have and an idea you can add into your offer that will help them
    Overwhelm, lack of focus, identity, confidence in direction, they feel out of alignment with God, don’t have a strategy, need someone to bounce ideas off, procrastinate instead of action, don’t do the big thing because its scary.

  7. Hi Laura

    I did a online masterclass on Sunday and taught 5 people, which was perfect for my first time. But now I’m thinking this content would be great for a course as I think I covered too much in an hour. BUT my whole focus so far has been on launching a membership to support yacht chefs
    . Sunday’s class was all about time management, my idea was that people do the time management class are then more organised and make time for being part of a membership. Do I just park that idea for now and focus on a membership or pivot and focus on making this material into a course? Or could I just teach the class again in a few months and keep refining it and still launch a membership? Too many shiny objects! I’d love to have some advice, thanks.

  8. Good morning Laura, Regarding my plans to have a 7-day immersion camp, I read the news today about the coronavirus coming to the US and how we aren’t doing enough to get prepared and got a little scared about planning to have my first in-person event here right when the US is expected to get hit. There are hard costs associated with the immersion camp since I’ll need to bring in teachers and provide them with hands-on materials, and I don’t want the cancellation risk. So I want to stay flexible with my offer, keep an eye on things and be ready to switch to offering an online program and materials as I get closer to launching. I envision my online program and materials to have daily lessons created by Chinese teachers, interactive activities, reminders and encouragement, printable materials such as labels to print and stick on items around the house, etc. I still have plenty of time to decide on my offer, right?

  9. Hi Laura. I’m starting to promote a freebie on ‘How to get your inner Critic under control” and I have seen some attention. However, I run in December and January a challenge on LinkedIn for creating goals and habit (without opt-in as this was more my personal challenge to get comfortable in camera online) and these videos got good views and was wondering if i should now on the back of that run another freebie with a cheat sheet and the links to the challenge as they are all in LinkedIn. These will create 2 lists but both are relevant to my Beta Coaching Program. Is this a good strategy? Anything I’m not thinking of?. Thank you

  10. I have a product based business. My list is getting smaller instead of bigger. My new products don’t arrive until September (I’m freaking out because it’s a long time from now). Also, In the meantime, 35% of my customers (I got this from my last survey) said they’d want 1:1 coaching on time management. I’m thinkin about launching a time management service in my business for those customers. I’ve never sold a service. Do you have a script on how I can do this? And, how do I try to sell the product without sounding sales-y. Do you have a script for that as well? I have a very hard time being in front of my audience.

  11. If I work on my Dream-Client workbook for my 12weeks program about Expert Positioning – shall I focus only on 1 Avatar or can I focus on my main 3 Avatars I have?

    With my program I reach out to 3 target groups who
    a) want to figure out their positioning, get super clear on it as they may belong to the mulitpassionate peeps
    b) want to sharpen their positioning to reach a new level in their business (after being in biz for at least 2-3 years)
    c) want to reposition themselves completely.

    They all have different triggers to buy my program, which is crafted for all of them – so how to do it best?

  12. Total overwhelm here!! Just going to plod along. Am such a beginner that I am still trying to figure out how social media works!! lol… I am still trying to figure out what goes on what platform.. there is the FB Joanne and the FB Brilliant Numbers, the Instagram of Joanne and the Instagram of BN, etc…. Should I have a Mailchimp in place… don’t have one and have no idea how it works!! oh god!! Anyway – am working through the Ideal Client profile and the programme that might be…. so I’m here but not having anywhere near the clarity that I am hearing in here!! 🙂 Its really helpful having a strategy because that is helping shape the what to talk about so even start the process of making friends without the glaze over!! 🙂

  13. Ok – So this is what I have so far… sorry 2nd input!!

    I have existing 1:1 clients that is a big time input to serve.
    My short course 8-12 weeks is going to be an intensive
    ‘My Great Big Little Business’ – everything you should know from an accountancy perspective, how to get it right, or know what you should have known from the beginning, how not to glaze over and really start to love the numbers, etc, etc
    Then to feed that into a 12 month Mentoring/Coaching programme for business growth…. small business to livelihood business movement…. and a work with me as a client offering….