Live Coaching 10 – 6pm – Wed 18th March

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  1. Hi Laura,
    hope all is good ?
    uncertain times ahead now as I own a personal training gym which is now closed and it’s my bread and butter so I will be going all-in on my online and will have to get stuff out asap.
    My new life coaching website is nearly ready and I will start pushing my 21-day mindset / 90-day group coaching program and one to one asap.
    My free offer will be ready this week along with my 5 email auto responder, as I am on module 2 so we will test that on Facebook and spend a small amount of money.
    I have added some people to my list through reaching out but it’s through a Facebook business page so I am not friends with a lot of them so they do not see my message but I will keep going.
    I have a guy who will help do a viral marketing campaign to get my programs pre-sold now as the 21-day mindset and group coaching is not designed or laid, out yet. any feedback on this would be good.]

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for this morning’s feedback. Revised workshop flow below. I won’t be able to attend live so will catch the replay. I really appreciate your insights.

    For context I am a productivity coach helping women juggling work, family & home to be better organised, to manage their time more efficiently and to more effectively prioritise their tasks.
    Provisional launch title: Balanced Life Bootcamp (my course is Your Balanced Life Blueprint)
    Workshop 1:
    What is a Balanced Life?
    – Right mix of ingredients for what you are trying to achieve, eg too much baking powder can make your mixture bitter, rise rapidly and then collapse.
    – Recognising that you can’t #DoItAll… at least not all once… and getting clear on what is important to you in this season of your life
    – Making progress towards longer term dreams and goals whilst keeping top of the day-to-day
    – Arranging your life in proportion to what makes a positive contribution to your happiness
    What a Productivity Pro looks like
    – She knows that busyness is not the same as productivity. She focuses on doing the right things not #AllTheThings
    – She has a clear idea of what HER balanced life looks like. If you don’t have a destination it is difficult to get there.
    – She is aware that not all tasks are equal. When she chooses to spend time on one thing she is aware of what else she is effectively choosing to not do and is OK with that choice.
    – She understands that time to herself is not selfish.
    – She uses empowering language. Not ‘I don’t have the time’… instead ‘I am choosing to do other things with my time’.
    Workshop 2:
    Five Key Planning Mistakes that Scupper Productivity
    – No Plan – always reacting to circumstance
    – Thinking a To Do List is a Plan
    – Perfect Planning – stuck in analysis paralysis never actually implementing
    – Inconsistent Planning – no faith in it, so you don’t stick to it, so it doesn’t work, so you become consistent. Vicious circle.
    – Backwards planning – putting all the sand into your day before the Rocks
    Workshop 3:
    Simple six step cycle to getting stuff done: (literally show the cycle without going into detail)
    Brainstorm => Prioritise => Schedule => Action => Respond to Real Life => Review, Rinse & Repeat => Brainstorm
    School doesn’t teach these skills and as a result it is easy to blow through the steps without even realising what they entail.
    How do you know if this is you?
    – Frequently being caught out by something that should have been on your to do today list but wasn’t even on your radar (inbox with 1,000s of unread email and lists of lists – does that sound familiar?)
    – Treating all tasks as equal value and getting stuck in an endless loop of repetitive, mundane tasks
    – Seeing bigger tasks sitting on the ‘tomorrow’ list day after day
    – Procrastination, feeling guilty whilst not doing it
    – Firefighting – abandoning your plan for the day and reacting to events
    – Stick to the same old habits, and end up with the same old results

  3. Hi Laura
    Thanks for being here!
    Quick question about Beata launches. This is my first time launching properly, I did a founding members email and have 1 person. Should I call it a beta launch or just the first time that I’m doing it this way. I feel that since its a membership its really easy to change and anticipate tweeks as we go along anyway. So do I call it a beta launch or just in my messaging say its the first time its been done like this – In my space everyone will know it is the first time that someone is doing things like this anyway. I’m just worried that using beta people will think it will be not great/very polished and so will wait to join another time. what do you think?

  4. Hi,
    I feel I need to completely revamp both my messaging and my offerings (and maybe even my ideal clients??)
    I want focus on helping people create vibrant marketing that generates joy (for their audience and for the biz owner too!) This is what’s needed now, more than ever. (I see all of us in lockdown for MONTHS)

    Looking to identify the best thing/offering that could work NOW (already before the launch), preferable using the trainings I already have.

    I’m thinking of an offering that highlights the need to create your own brand photos in quarantine (and keep up the positive vibe), and to really turn up the volume and “loco” fun factor.

    What do you think sounds best? or something else? (I’d like to offer the top, of course..)

    — SELF-MAGIC SOCIETY offering.

    Open it NOW,
    add a 6 week intensive in May (after the launch)
    offer support till the end of the year, (2 live calls per month).
    AND offer VIP upsell.

    training + one 1:1 session, as a way to create your own brand photos in quarantine.
    No Group, 


    Small group program,
    weekly calls and 1:1 sessions, focusing on creating creative content for their filled with personality “Show”


  5. Hi Laura, hope you are well, sending you love at this difficult time.
    Would you please review the outline for my 3 main workshops? I’ve still been working on them this week, with so many distractions I haven’t started this week’s module.
    I appreciate you probably don’t have enough context, but perhaps you have a few thoughts?

    Experience idea:
    Show them easy running (the whole mountain) and the right/ best way up (yoga, my method) (Show them what running can be like, and the way to get there with yoga)

    1. ‘What does it takes to be the easy runner’ Show the joy that comes with easy, efficient, running, after putting in place the work to get there (core connection with yoga)
    – Easy running is moving most efficiently – what this looks like (and doesn’t)
    – ‘core connection’ is a pathway to finding this efficiency
    – what exactly core connection is
    – why glutes are just as important as core muscles
    – test posture (and core connection) and how we can go about correcting it

    2. ‘where some runners go wrong, and how we can course correct’
    My method of yoga for core connection to find more efficiency in running
    Some ways in which runners are going wrong, being:
    – not getting their running gait checked and appropriate coaching
    – doing too much too soon
    – not prepping the body
    – not doing the right strength, mobility and flexibility work
    – needing whole body strength, mob, flex and starting with focusing on S of TVA and GM and F of HFs and hams
    – test the front body- TVA, hip flexors
    Stories/ testimonials

    3. Core connection and the path to easy running
    What yoga offers us, what my method offers runners: the Run Better with Yoga Roadmap
    Progressive road map to reaching your goal of efficient, injury free running. (I plan to teach some aspects of my roadmap, the key elements linked to my course)
    The RBY road map starts with the 6 pillars – yoga in the right way combines these pillars
    Specifically what we can achieve… Rotational Core control, Range of movement, Recovery, Awareness…
    Stories and results!
    How to test – gMax strength + hamstring flexibility (I want to do this but must make sure it’s really linked to the main teaching content!)
    How to boost them!
    Stories/ testimonials

  6. Question: What technology do you use for your LIVE coaching? It looks like YouTube, how do you make it private in this website? I would like to do the same since I have students who do not want to use a private facebook group.

  7. Since this morning, and listen to the big “No” for “How to get clients using Digital Marketing”, now I’m feeling a bit lost as I thought this title was good and very clear for my freebie, can I use this tittle as my online course? Then my freebie is 6 Simple Growth actions to boost your online business.

  8. if there is extra time:

    how do u structure the ALUMNI offer for this offering? LLT?
    Now that they already got the main materials, but they do want to going another live experience with coaching n’ all? 


  9. Hi Laura! My membership is closed now, and I plan on re-opening/launching in May. As a reminder, I am in travel and they NEED it right now. But its not ready. I am re-doing the whole content, so I cant open it now (I have considered that). How do you feel about a pop-up membership done via weekly live trainings focusing on what they need to know now? Priced at like $10/mth? (normal membership is $39/mth).

  10. Hi Laura, Hope you’re well. Since I’m new to your programs. Wondering if you ever offer dialogue based calls, i.e. were both people get to chat?