Live Coaching 1 – 10am – Wed 19th Feb

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  1. Hey, I’m onto crafting a profitable (and enjoyable) offer.

    Self-Magic Woman SOCIETY is made of Coaching + Community + 2 core trainings:
How to create unlimited brand photos without a photographer.
A color journey to reveal yourself (cycle 1), your brand (cycle 2) & your signature work (cycle 3).
Combined together is dynamo. Every cycle is a separate offering. The Society is Cycle 1.

Current Society offering: early bird for $1497.
(portraits are immediate access, colors are dripped), + one ACTIVE STUDIO week per month, till Dec.
I now realize that this offering is most suitable if you already had an intensive training, and then the Society would be like ongoing creation, self-care and maintenance.
    It’s hard to build momentum in this format, and it keeps me more busy than intended. 

    I want to offer a better option for all, in this launch.
Option A: based on current offer
    – Society w monthly ACTIVE STUDIO week: 9 or 12 months program (pay annually.)
    – PLUS initial 4 weeks Self-Portraits intensive (weekly support)
    – Brand Building Mastermind (cycle 2) (either as VIP option or small group upsell)

    Option B:
    – tier 1: Self-Portraits intensive, 4 weeks 
(easier entry, smaller commitment, but there is so much more…)
    – tier 2: Society (with Color Quest) for ongoing support.

    Option C:
    – 12 weeks Self-Portraits + Color Quest (incredible momentum, but sane pace, higher price) – launch twice a year.
    – Brand Building Mastermind AND/OR the Society as ongoing.

    – As an 8 week program (w weekly photoshoots) was too intense, but great experience. 
They wanted more after, like ongoing membership and separate brand building.
    – 9 months ongoing society: From March to Dec will be as effective as annual.
    – 12 months long: Good for Aussies who have summers when we have winter.
    – I would love the possibility to also offer this on evergreen in between launches, for those that discover it and don’t want to wait.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Laura, For my launch, I’m wanting to offer Chinese language immersion camp for kids, so a high ticket offer. For me, a reasonable goal is 5 new email leads per week, which would give me about 50 parents. I’d want 3-8 kids to sign up for the camp. What do you think about this?

  3. Hi Laura – I’m re-writing my questions from the modules:
    I have a question about going ‘all in.’ What do you mean by ‘other projects’?
    Here are the things I’m working on at the moment:
    * 1:1 clients
    * Creating membership content monthly
    * I’m just now starting my next online course cohort for the next 12 weeks (all content is created. I host weekly coaching calls and respond to between-call questions).
    * I already had a commitment to create content for a year-long programme on which I’m one of the well-being teachers. I need to have that complete early March:)
    * I write blog weekly
    Other than that, I have family stuff going on (visiting 5 unis with my daughter over the next few weeks).

    Is that what you mean by ‘other projects’
    Re: Audience building:
    I honestly have absolutely NO IDEA what a good number is!
    I already have 2 freebies on my website as opt-in rewards. I’ve had them there for years. I do think they’re valuable offers. I could think about creating something new.
    Currently I have FB ads running constantly, promoting the latest blog. I get opt-ins of between 10 & 20 per week, so to work out my audience building stats I should subtract the subscribers that come in in other ways? Or do I just take a total?

  4. Wanting to put my webinars live on my WordPress site – like this #copying. Q- Can you quickly tell me the tech. YouTube live (I have a YouTube channel, so is that all I need?).. Chatroll (Do you have an affiliate?) and specifically anything else? Thanks. J x

  5. Laura – I really want to get my offer right, and I’ve just sent out a survey to get some insights. Interested in your feedback around course/program length and course v membership offer.

  6. Hi, I am traveling the week we are supposed to launch (Dispenza workshop so will not be able to work that week) .
    Should I plan out the “doors open” one week earlier than the 18 of May?

  7. I have a 12 weeks program on positioning which had a very good first beta round. Which I will of course launch again – but I’m already thinking about
    crafting my second offer – my signature course (video lessons + live Q&As on Zoom, FB Group)- and pondering about if it should be >> a 12 month
    program where I can onboard several times a year new clients through launches

    or should it be a closed 12 month program where I always have to open up a new membership-area and separate FB group and separate Live-Calls ?

    I want to make it as easy for me as possible and would prefer version A) whats your opinion about it?

  8. Laura,

    In this 8 week program – I’m doing to create a book on the first module – going live weekly for an hour, and then using searchie to transcribe it.

    Then last night thought of this workshop I mentioned earlier…

    Now hearing you say – “do one thing”

    So wondering – The 8 week program is all uploaded – so feels easy. And the book feels pretty simple. And the workshop is outlined, and I just need to create a sales page.

    Ok to do it all?

  9. I have a LOT of therapists connecting with me in my free Facebook group and in Linkedin. It is starting to be really many so I do not have time to connect with all of them 🙂 Do you do all connecting yourself ?- or is it ok to also let someone on your team to help out?

  10. Do you choose to charge in GBP because most of your audience is in UK? I first launched in USD because it’s ‘online & global’ but fear this turned off my UK base. Thinking of making the offer in both currencies