Co-Working Session – 6pm – Mon 16th March

Join us for our next  Co-working session on Monday 16th March ! We will kick off at 6m to 8pm GMT! Click here  to join us !

How it works…

When you join the Zoom room, hop onto the chat and tell me what you’re working on and I’ll check in on your progress throughout the 2 hour session. There’ll be a chance to talk in the chat and every hour I will turn my audio on to answer your questions in a lightning round Q&A. This isn’t a coaching call – I won’t be answering general questions or giving feedback on your week, but I will answer specific questions on the work you’re doing during the call.

These sessions are designed to help you get focused on the work you are doing on your launches and to provide you with extra support.

We will rotate these times for future sessions.

How this works…

  • The Zoom room will be open for 2 hours . You are welcome to join in for the whole session, or just stay for a while.
  • In order to create a focused environment for #DoingTheWork, we will all stay muted and use the chat box to ask questions, but if I require more detail, or if it would benefit the whole room, I will unmute you to discuss things.
  • You do not need to have your video on – but most folks do because it means they aren’t getting distracted by other things!
  • Every hour for 10-15 minutes I will also unmute to answer any rapid-fire questions!
  • The goal is to provide a dedicated block of time for you to work on your launches where I am available to answer your questions immediately.