#31 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 24th June

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  1. Every time I launch I have a lot of people who genuinely can’t afford my membership, and it often makes them upset and a few become defensive. With Covid-19 I am expecting more than usual. Any advice? I do a lot of work on the value and share stories from members who felt it was a stretch and have since stayed years later and as they value what they get.

  2. Hi Laura

    I can’t believe we’re at the end of JUNE and this is the last coaching call :(.
    Thank you for everything. Even though I’ve not yet launched, I’ve learned a lot and I WILL do it!

    Perhaps by the time you read this I will have completed my draft slides for my 3 workshops! Yahoo! It’s been a bit of a birthing process, eh!?

    I’m not sure what to do in terms of launching now or waiting till you launch in September, especially since I’m SO SLOW at getting through the material. I don’t know how much there is in terms of prep and processing of the lessons in LLT (I’m only going to start week 5 now as soon as I’ve finished the draft workshop slides).

    My income has dramatically dropped this year – so I actually do need to create some income now and was thinking about rerunning my course without a launch. I have 29 people on my waiting list. I was thinking to send them a personalised email inviting them to join the course at the old price which is the last time it’ll be that price. In September it’ll be £100 more.

    For me this is an easy win. What do you think and do you have any email templates to make the most of this non-launch launch ;)?

    1. Hi Vania, I had the same challenge with getting my slides out. That was my biggest rock. I’m STILL doing them during my launch week. Honestly, I just had to have a deadline and get something out. I don’t know how many people will sign up, and at this point, I’m just proud to have DONE the work because it was challenging. The deadline also removed any opportunity for perfectionism or faffing. There’s no time for that. For example, I was tempted to rearrange Monday’s workshop slides on Sunday, but I decided that it wasn’t an option.

        1. I did go through some of it. I tried to get as much done before as possible, like the warmup and event week emails. I got about 60% of my slides done for my 3 workshops by Sunday.

          I haven’t written my conversion emails yet. I don’t have my celebration party slides done either, but I think most of it is going to be copying and pasting what I’ve already done from my workshops, so that should be fine. I’m aiming to do as much as possible, but it’s okay if it’s not 100%. I think even with my flying by the seat of my pants launch, I’m still doing about 80% of the work.

  3. I have always accepted multicurrency at checkout, so people can pay me in their own currency. My accountant deals with the invoices and admin, so it’s has never been a problem for me. Now I use Thrive Cart it does make reporting a little difficult. I am just about to create my new sales page and wondering whether to just offer pay in £. This is creating lots of fear in me. Will my international audience still sign up and also I know I will be bombarded with Q’s on how much this is in other currencies. I have attracted a very diverse international audience this time, with UK at 30%.

  4. Workshop 1 went live on Monday! eek. I was so nervous as it’s always been pre-recorded and this time live on my landing page was out of my comfort zone. Plus my internet went down 30 mins before the start time, so I had to go to my mums and set up there. Anyway, the Q is where do I host video 4? I usually put this on my sales page, but as this will be a lead page and it’s live, I can’t figure out how this bit will work? Thanks for everything. I know I came in at very end of the program, but my launch feels more professional, slick and I am overcoming obstacles with a smile. Thanks to what I have learned from you x

  5. Hey Laura, my event schedule looks different than yours since I couldn’t see myself doing so many calls. I’m doing 3 workshops, 1 Q&A and then celebration party / open cart on Friday. Should I keep my cart open until next Friday or is that too long? I don’t know how well things will convert over the weekend. Am I overthinking things?

    1. I decided that I’m going to move my Q&A to Friday and party on Monday. So I will have a normal Mon – Fri open cart. It will give people to catch up on the replays and enter the contest. I can have more time to get more people watching too. Also, it will help me feel less burnt out. I’m going to listen to my heart with what feels good!