#30 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 17th June

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  1. I feel like the straggler 🙂 haha, the last one but pushing through. I appreciate these coaching calls still being on sooo much.
    Any tips on how to handle the negative nellies. I just had someone complain as in my privacy policy it states I use Facebook ads, she ranted how awful I am. Do you kill them with kindness or just block and delete?

  2. I am creating my custom audiences based on all my website views, I am wondering does this capture all the people up to the point I create the audience? For example, if 1000 have viewed today and then 1000 views next week, does FB add the other 1000 to the audience or do I need to create a new audience again next week?

  3. Hi, a tech one:

    My goal is to have a pre-scheduled LIVE Masterclass on my FB page, and include that direct link on the thank you page/email when people sign up. 

    Then, add the replay as an ongoing opt-in on my website.

    (this is NOT part of my experience, but for list building towards it)

    Trying to find the best way to do this:

I can only get a link for a pre-scheduled FB LIVE one week in advance. 

    Any way around that? 
Would you use the general live link, that is always the same?

    what is the best way to combine this effort with the ”ecamm- create youtube unlisted livestream” method, so then people can view it straight from my website?
    I DO want to do it live on my FB page as more people will see it and engage that would not sign up other wise. I need this for awareness.

    Thank you!

  4. I have just had an ah-ha moment and realised one of my members will make the perfect community manager. She ticks all the boxes. She has been coming up with lesson ideas (lessons she is capable of writing) she has the right attitude, is super organised, proactive, and supports my community. I only have £400 a month budget, if you had this budget what would you expect of someone in this role? As I don’t have a big budget I have been thinking of offering her a 1:1 session…hmmm. Any advice would be amazing. This is the first time I am growing a proper team, so excited.

  5. What are your suggestions on how to get customer case studies from them when your customers are generally shy (not wanting to be on video, using their name, etc.)?