#29 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 10th June

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  1. In case you ran out of time this morning just posting this question here, could you please critique my sign up landing page:

    I am planning to offer a trial membership for £1 for July only all proceeds donated to Pandas and a bump at the checkout to buy August’s membership at the same time (lock in a price for Aug offer king of thing) plus an upsell of “Level Up Your Home Workout Personalised Workout Plan” custom made for you for £39 (Joe Wicks is £49 but it’s not fully personalised). The problem I have with live stream membership pricing is that large large players with celebrity endorsement are selling their 4 week live streamed memberships for £3.96 for the month so I just don’t feel I can compete.

    1. Claire I run a yoga membership for £24 a month, with just two weekly live-stream classes. People will sign up because of YOU, irrelevant of what they could pay for a celebrity endorsed offer.

  2. If there are no other questions could you also please have a quick read of my facebook ad text please?

    The reason that I LOVE my “Movement for Mums” home workouts is because they are quick, effective and focused on boosting our mental health ♥️⁠

    Don’t get me wrong I worry about my “body after baby” but I LOVE how freaking effective my 20 minute home workouts are for my mind as well as by body! ?

    ? It’s because they are live, they are motivating, we do it as an online community and they are so quick and effective that they leave you feeling AMAZING….and you get the recorded link too because I know our lives are a juggle! ??⁠ ? ??

    ? Like most mum’s I wake up at times under a grey cloud, especially juggling the kid’s, husband’s and boss’s demands whilst managing home schooling and the never ending “to do” list but just 20 minutes of movement changes my whole mindset.

    ♥️ Movement for Mums let’s me grow a business that helps other mum’s like me with no time or energy to find a quick way of working out which is effective and tackles those “body after baby” feelings.

    ♥️ Isn’t it what we really want deep down, someone to motivate us who understands the pressures we are under, someone to write the workouts we need that work for our bodies leaving us in a great mood to spend time with the people we love.

    ? My ethos is to workout with more fun and ease (yes I think exercise can be as addictive as Netflix binge and a big glass of wine! ?)

    ? This is why I am so passionate about what I do, home workouts can be so much more FUN than you imagined.

    ➡️ TODAY I want to bring you into my World.

    ➡️ TODAY I want to share with you the secrets of my quick, effective home workouts.

    ➡️ I’m hosting a FREE Bootcamp to show you how to fall in love with home workouts.

    ➡️ I want to share with you my TOP strategies to feel motivated to move your body

    If you are thinking about how to move your body more or you want to up level your current home workouts, come and spend some time with me……?

    By the end of my Bootcamp you will love MOVEMENT FOR MUMS home workouts as much as I do! ?

    1. Claire, if you want any feedback about typos in your ad, let me know. I personally love your copy and landing page – they’re very engaging.

  3. Hi Laura! Before I join you again in September, I am doing another launch in July for another program of mine – a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. Do you have any ideas off the top of your head, as to whether a child and parent yoga challenge, OR a how to teach yoga to kids workshop style launch might be better? I also want to offer a scholarship place, instead of a competition – have you ever done anything like that where people have to apply? Thinking I could run it the same as a competition and welcome applications throughout the week and select the winner on the celebration call.

  4. Hi Laura, Two questions. 1) Just signed up for your next round of Love To Launch with a launch planned for Sept. Carrying on with my audience building plans but can you suggest any thing I can offer that would bring some income between now and Sept. Smaller packages I can sell to my clients for say £27 £47 or £97 from info down loads to mini trainings. that would enhance my customer journey towards my big launch in Sept and bring income in for me too.
    2) I am offering a mini free masterclass and want to promote it in my FB group and page. Does FB provide a way interested parties can sign up within FB or do I offer a link at the bottom of a FB post that is outside of the FB platform. xx

  5. Hi Laura, ist only a quick question about the Launch Kit: I can see the training now in my members area – but how do I get now the templates and the page builder – where can i download this stuff or upload it to my wordpress site?

    2. Is there somewhere a Facebook Ads Training in the Members Area? Somehow I cant find it –

    Thanx Martina

  6. I find that launching is still hard to prepare and go through because of mindset, that my mind gets into performance fears which hit heavily on my sense of self worth. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this so I can Love to Launch?