#26 Live Coaching – 6pm Weds 27th May

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  1. Hi Laura, I had a call this morning, so I miss the opportunity to post my question, and I’m not sure if I will be here at 6 pm today (super busy). My list is growing from my freebie, and I think the Freebie is performing ok/good organically, planning to test a Facebook Ad this week. I keep saying to people on my social media that I’m going to launch my first online training but I haven’t given a date or provide any information, they know it is going to be something about digital marketing, and my survey 95% said they need help with planning. My initial plan was to launch at the end of May, but I became so busy with my current business that I didn’t have any spare time to plan the launch or do the launch. Now I’m planning to do one webinar only next week and possibly open cart on 8th June. The reason is that this is a beta and it’s going to last only six weeks. I have only June and July to do this as I will be on holiday for the whole month of August. This is the draft of the offer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XvxSXbQvQyYjR0_o7cyOB7Lsl6BO7oSytap61bUGn1A/edit and I think it’s not good enough, maybe is not clear, also the vision or benefits. I’m trying to make it easier for me due to lack of time, and now I think everything crap…

  2. Hi Laura I’m getting a bit of feedback from my chefs. They are unemployed at the moment so are worried about spending money on a membership. I know that it’s not normally about the money but I wonder if it is in this case? Any thoughts on how to navigate this would be great. thanks

  3. Hello Laura, following on my question regarding the challenge –> webinar –> beta course offer, I wonder whether the challenge and webinar have to be A. linked or B. stand-alone. That is, A. should the challenge end with a webinar+offer, or
    B. challenge and celebration of the successes and apart, an invitation sent to join the webinar.
    The B option will allow me to invite both people who have been on the challenge and those who didn’t participate.

    My understanding is that the tech setup will be also different then. A – all in one place B. two separate sign-up pages, mail sequences, etc.
    Thank you!