#25 Live Coaching – 10am Wed 27th May

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  1. My workshops ran to about 1h10m each time (followed by some Q&A). So there is definitely room to trim them if needed.
    I didn’t have any complaints about the length of the workshops. In fact many participants said that they had gone back and watched again. And the number of viewers were pretty consistent from start to end so they weren’t bailing due to length.
    I’m capturing all the comments from the contest posts so that I can see what elements most resonated with participants.
    Would you suggest cutting back to make sure I don’t fall into the trap of closing the gap too much?
    If so… any suggestions for whether to cut down on depth or breadth. Eg 5 key planning mistakes…
    – would you suggest losing a little depth on each?
    – Or focusing on just 3 but still going deep? And maybe rounding out with ‘and there are actually 2 more mistakes that we don’t have time to cover here’ – highlighting the challenge of ‘climbing the mountain’

  2. Hello lovely Laura, I’m loving my launch!! I was thinking about what I can say when I get asked questions that are so complicated or there is no easy answer. I want to say ‘buy my program because this issue doesn’t get fixed with a three-minute answer on a public Q&A’. Obviously I’m not going to say that though! What do I say instead?

  3. Good morning, Laura! How are you? I’m still trying to get some help with my pixel issues, can’t run conversion ads yet, so meanwhile I am growing my list organically and with other non-conversion ads, but it’s really slow (8 people last 15 days, total list 24 people). I talked to my fb audience and they claim to be moms that “want to do it all” (kids, house, work, and time for self) and never find time for themselves (reading, painting, doing nothing). And this “have no time” is one of the big objections for doing anything for themselves. So in order to build the list and address this objection I though to run a paid 5-euro habit-building challenge, to help them do create time for things they want to do. Then lead them into the webinar and course offer.
    So timing would be:
    June 7-14th challenge
    June 18 – webinar + beta course offer
    June 26th cart closes
    July 1st-31 Beta course.
    The timing is also because I want to have August off (typical here in Spain) and to prepare for relaunch in autumn.
    What do you think about the challenge + webinar combination and timings? Any list building tips are super welcomed. I’m catching myself a lot on the story- no list, can´t launch, can´t build list – can´t progress, so trying different angles to get this piece going. Thank you!

    Best wishes,

  4. Just showing up here to say I am still working through modules. I have been stuck as to what to offer as the Covid 19 hit the retreat industry. So I am back on track focused on which course to offer. Going to proceed with my virtual retreat implementation programme. Thanks to Elena for her question as Laura answers was perfect.