#24 Live Coaching – 6pm Thurs 21st May

Please note that this call has moved to Thursday this week as we already have a team huddle taking place in the group on Wednesday. This is to to spread out the daily support as so many of you are in launch mode right now!

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  1. Hi Laura. Just wanted you to have a check in on my numbers…in case you have a tip for me on what to focus on 🙂
    Signed up 316 – Facebook group 150 – lots of engagement
    Workshop 1 – 163 watched
    Workshop 2 – 82 watched
    q&a workshop 1 – 610 views
    q&a workshop 2 – 317 views (2 hours ago)

  2. Hello Laura, a question about the webinar launch. I was wondering whether I should still go through the course keeping the idea of the webinar launch or just focus on the webinar launch plan and look into the bits I’m missing in the course package? Probably the latter, but just in case you have some suggestions on this. Thank you. Elena

  3. Hi Laura,
My Masterclass page is almost ready to go.

    It’s a juicy training and up to now I’ve been calling it:
    Build a Never-Ending Bank of Visual Content.

    BUT I want to reposition it… and give it a name that is more desirable. (and speak more about Branding, Magnetism & Confidence, rather than “content.”

    My offer btw will be my full program. (beyond DIY Brand Photos)
    I will do the webinar first and then a proper experience launch.

    This is what I’ve been playing with:
    1. Create a never ending bank of brand photos.
    2. Create your self-magic brand photos.
    3. Create a never ending bank of magic visibility.
    4. Create a never ending bank of powerful visual magnets
    5. Create a never ending bank of visual brand power
    6. Create your visual brand power
    7. Create visual brand power that pops with personality

    Here’s a link to the full opt-in copy:

  4. My webinar launch for my 6-week dripped course is done. I had a 23% increase in sign ups over my last best launch! I was so worried that it wasn’t going to go well since after all 4 webinars I did, we didn’t get many sign ups until I sent out emails afterward driving people to buy before close cart. That brought in 40% of the signups. 🙂
    My question is now, should I do a downsell or perhaps a inbetween launch sale for the course? If so, what would that look like? I was thinking “take the course, but you don’t get bonuses or the live QA/session calls” I was wondering what should I charge for this (course full pay is $297)?