#23 Live Coaching – 10am Wed 20th May

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  1. I won’t be able to join you live for this coaching call – at 10am I’m on the home schooling shift 🙂 but would be great to hear your thoughts when I have finished.

    In the day 2 video you talk about people asking terrible questions. Could you please expand upon this? I collated all the pre-submitted questions so that I could work my way through them – and having them in advance meant that I could consider how to keep my responses high level, ie the what not the how.

    However, on the live, people were then asking other questions and I want to honour those who choose to show up live but it wasn’t as easy to see on the fly what were tactical Qs and how to either bat them away or lift them up to a bigger question.

    Is this something that just comes with practice? I could review the Q&A call, look at the Qs asked and consider for future which ones I would choose to answer and which ones I would want to bat away and how best to do that.

    I had enough pre-submitted Qs to fill the coaching call. Indeed answering all the live Qs meant that I didn’t get through all the pre-submitted Qs (but obviously I can push them out to Thurs and/or Saturday). I could just say that in future all Qs need to be submitted in advance and that I’ll only be answering live Qs if they relate to the Qs I’m already answering?

  2. Morning!

    My schedule followed the example from the schedule video and so I have a call every day, including Saturday AND Sunday…. Saturday being a catchup call where I will answer any remaining Q’s and direct them to the hub page for a binge watch and will then host a marathon watch party of the 3 workshops directly after…… Sunday is marked as my celebration party…. Only I don’t seem to have content for that yet?

    SO… I have no idea if I’m opening cart on Sunday or how long cart stays open haha. I have affiliates asking Q’s I can’t answer and feel a bit silly. I’ve tentatively said opening Sunday and closing Friday but am wondering if a longer cart opening right now with all that’s going on might be wise.

    I have people watching workshops twice over! These guys have never consumed online content in this way before and so the usual internet marketing formula isn’t familiar to them. They’re super engaged which feels fab – but I feel a bit odd that I don’t know what’s happening next.

    In short I guess my Q is – Can I have the next module today please?! haha And did I put myself out of synch by scheduling calls every day?

  3. Hi Laura
    I’m just in need of some reassurance. I was feeling super excited for the coaching call and then about 5mins ( while waiting to start) I began to doubt myself. So feeling like the coaching call was not as good as I would have liked and I was really thrown off by lots of random people joining the call, like my mum ( whos not exactly supportive). I got a bit off focus. I’m worried that people will get bored of all my content over this week and its too much for them. Also although I know all the links work there are still people who seem to have problems joining the calls, is this normal? thanks!

  4. Morning Laura – wondering how you move people from webinar sign-up onto your marketing email list?
    At what point do you ask for optin and how do you ask for it?
    I use legitimate interest for my freebies by saying: By providing your email address you’re agreeing to receive emails from me with amazing content you’ll love, news & your download. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your data is 100% secure and will never be shared. Privacy policy is here.

  5. Hi Laura – thinking about my offer which is a 12 week online course with live coaching. My course helps people get off the dieting rollercoaster, let go of food rules and make peace with their bodies. The coaching is in small groups and is done as two-way conversations, with each person in the group having a turn with me. I keep the groups small – 8 people/ group.

    1) Pricing. For the last 2 cycles I’ve charge £299. I know it’s cheap for what they get! I don’t know what to charge, especially with a global recession hitting. Do I keep it the same? I’ve also never offered payment plans and thinking maybe that’s a good idea this time around. Thoughts?

    2) In terms of setting up the coaching groups, I’m wondering if there is a way to do this that is clear from the outset? In the past I have publicised one day & time. As soon as that slot is full, I then create another one and replace the new time and day on the landing page. This method is a bit clunky and doesn’t feel safe because several people may sign up and go over the maximum number for that coaching group thinking they’re in that specific coaching group… and then I need to contact them to say that group is full, they’re now in another group at another time (and perhaps day). I’m trying to figure out a way to make that whole process both clear at the outset and smooth! Any ideas?

  6. Hi Laura, I want to change something. I am not anywhere near launching this time round which is fine. Am learning heaps. It is a huge learning curve whilst running a full on business at the same time with people to serve. The whole process is having me assess my whole offering. I have decided that I want to have my sales pages relocated to another website address because I want my coaching to be a stand alone project that is connected to, but not held by my main business activity. Have some air between the two. On that basis, would it be ok for support to upload the Launchkit to another web address? It seems to make sense to me to have it as a stand alone. Which would make marketing the coaching course easier too without confusing my audience. I think. Any thoughts…..???