#22 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 13th May

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  1. Laura, here’s the debrief of my webinar you asked for in the Launch Huddle Monday morning.
    *Given time constraints, webinar took over 3 months to create, so not really up for creating a new one. Not realistic for June given my current schedule. If previous webinar can be utilized (with tweaks) I am open to that possibility. It just doesn’t excite me to think about do this again, given the results. Also, got feedback that an hour long webinar may not be the best option for busy parents of children with special learning needs. That may have shifted now that we’re in ‘virus’ mode. When I joined Love to Launch was really looking for a more creative way to launch, but I’m also open to hearing your thoughts about moving forward.
    Currently interviewing copy writers because I do believe I need help with copy for emails and sales pages. If you know anyone, I’d love the referral.
    Debrief details from prior February 2020 launch…
    *I serve parents who have children who struggle with learning.
    *Offered 3 webinar dates
    *At the time had FB Group of 128 and List of 669. Currently, FB Group is 264 and List is 1100.
    *26 Ambassador Requests and 11 Ambassadors sharing my info with their lists
    *FB Lives done consistently for six weeks prior to webinar
    *FB Images changed to reflect launch
    *3 FB Ads running to download Freebie & join group
    *Daily Social Media posts to announce launch
    *I had 15 people register (from the web registration page) for the first webinar, 2 for the second and I believe 6 for the final one.
    *No one showed up live – 76 people visited the registration page and 23 people signed up for webinar, but again, no one showed up Live.
    *All non-attendees were reregistered (and emailed) for next available webinar.
    *Series of “Butts in Seats” emails were sent to registrants – Open Rate ranged from 23.1-30.8% and click through rate was 0-7.7%*
    Link to webinar landing page…https://educationalliance.us/masterclass…
    *Offer is $34.99 monthly subscription to my Membership Site https://community.educationalliance.us/
    *ZERO sales

  2. Hi Laura,

    I’m confused about the warm up period before the launch. While putting a timeline together for myself, I wrote down that I should start Facebook ads when I start with the warmup emails. Are these ads supposed to drive registrations to the launch event? If so, then I would need to have my registration pieces together before I make the ads live right?

  3. Maybe its a bit of topic but otherwise it will be topic for further launches. I have the opportunity to insert a postcard in my new book
    and now I’m pondering about two call to actions on it:

    Shall I invite the reader to a free strategy session with me to sell my 1:1 consulting or should
    I invite him to a free (automated) masterclass as an add on to the book and lead him into a funnel (masterclass – 2-3 emails –
    invite to a call / or salespage to a selfstudy onlinecourse / and then merge him later to my normal newsletter list)

    What is in your opinion Laura Phillips the smarter strategy.?

  4. Laura, I’m having a lot of resistance about selling to my small group. I have 40 ladies now {110 on e-mail list} – all super engaged, some with the potential to invest in my Beta. But I have a huge block about presenting my sales page. Am I better off simply keeping the group, opening up link to book a call tomorrow and selling on call? and then running bootcamp again next month? I know for next time I 100% need longer for both ads and the group. It also feels like my calls should be longer (kept it to 30min and then Q+A in the eve). Attaching link to sales page in case you’d want to have a look: https://alekscerta.com/ace-course/

  5. I have a couple of questions:
    > how long are you supposed to promote for before Welcome Week? I want to do my WW next week and will only have the signup page created by today (already have a list of some people joining so have my first few signups – yay!) I feel that’s plenty of time to hit my target but am I being stupidly unrealistic?

    > I want to do my workshops 3pm – 4.30pm or 2pm-3.30pm because the wifi’s better + mum has a habit of ruining any workshops I run (she’s still at work so won’t be here). I’ve checked + it still works with the US market but want to make sure there’s no other reason to run them later. Was thinking of running 6-7pm on weekends – thoughts? Will changing the time mean people don’t show?

  6. Hi Laura
    Just checking in my signup page is at 42% a the moment with no FB group link. Think this is a bit low but perhaps more because when people see a chef they think cooking lesson not coaching?? Perhaps change my FB Ad photo? I’ve had 62 signups in total so far
    Also my FB group is at 22 members so far , and a big fat 0 of engagement. I’ve posted a few things, had my friends post a bit too, will ask some more and do an engagement contest for a cookbook, does that sound ok? I did a test run of Bonjouro today so will do some of those later. anything else?…
    thankyou for all your encouragement. its needed!

  7. Sneaking another Q in here as there doesn’t seem to be that many. After a few months on the back burner, I’m getting back to working on the workshop content. My ideal audience is women who are already learning how to code and feeling frustrated with their self-taught experience.

    Here’s my idea for the workshop topics
    #1: The opportunities available – Cast the vision of a high-paid career that’s fun and flexible, how I’m living the dream, and some examples of women who made it happen
    #2: Is a career in web development right for you? – What we do, a day in the life and qualities of a successful developer
    #3: How to Get Started (Go deep into the first stage) – What to learn first, bust a few myths and highlight common challenges

    My membership addresses all of the common challenges, so would it be appropriate to talk about it at the end of the 3rd workshop? Thanks!!

  8. Email-Series: Must a follow up Email series always be text only? or can I do videos instead? It would be easier and quicker for me than
    writing all this emails…
    Or would be a mix (written and video) better?

    PS: Susan asked me to put my book-postcard question into the launch huddle today, thats why I did –
    won’t happen again 😉

  9. Hi Laura,
I’m almost done tackling that… been deep into inner work these days… <3

I am creating the only product that will help you highlight how you show up Everywhere online. 🙂

    I decided I’d rather offer it this year in the evergreen nature… so it will give me enough time to add people in, starting now, and having momentum. I can do a launch in the summer, but this way at least I am already opening the doors and not losing time. especially when everyone is still at home and needing to up their game.. 

Here is a (tidy) overview:


    Thank u!

  10. Do you get permission from people when you share their testimonials on your landing page? I have loads of screenshots from the last challenge I ran that’re relevant to now

  11. I’m full of doubt if I can launch in June. Since this is my first time launching a new online program, I so busy creating assests and COVID has set me back. I’ve got my landing page up for my Yoga Therapy Week that will lead into my 21 Day Retreat. I’m only growing my waiting list because I haven’t set a date. Maybe I should reduce my plans…