#21 Live Coaching – 10am Wed 13th May

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  1. Hey Laura, I have a few questions (I hope that’s ok. The huddles are at 3am for me, so a tad early and I’d like to keep as refreshed as I can during the experience week)

    My first question is regarding the live Q&A Calls. You mentioned to go live on your Facebook page (as you want to create buzz) and also be able to easily keep up with questions.

    Because I’m using Streamyard – I can go live across a number of different platforms (including my private FB group) and easily be able to see all of the questions (in the one place) from each of these different locations.

    My question: is that ok? [Or should I not go live in my FB group as well at the same time?] The beauty of Streamyard is that I can bring in people’s questions on the screen, plus I’ll also have some pre-created question slides to use (just in case no-one asks any questions). Plus, I’ve been using Streamyard pretty much from the time it was released, so know the platform well and comfortable managing ‘all the things’. Thank you!

  2. Hi Laura, this is a question about Facebook advs and is two-fold.

    1. Should I continue the Facebook adv that is promoting this event? And, if yes, at what stage should be stop the adv? My team has created a replay page which will make it simple for people to catch up on the Workshop trainings – even for some of the late comers.
    2. Once my cart is open, I’m thinking of creating an adv that promotes the course AND that we should retarget to people who have been in our Experience – so a warm audience? Or should we also target people who may not have interacted with us during the Experience – so therefore a cold audience?

    Or both? Warm and cold audience? Thank you!

  3. Laura, techy question.

    How do you stream all of your workshops onto your website? [I saw Stu doing this as well, rather than in the Facebook group?]

    At the moment, I’ll be streaming via Streamyard and onto my Facebook group. Then my team will embed the finished stream into our replay page.

    Thank you!

  4. Good morning, Laura! How are you? Strategy help needed, please. If I´m webinar beta launching, would you suggest to go through this week’s content and huddles or not? Or should I rather focus on audience and email list building? Also, my two quick questions got lost in the q thread this week, so popping them here. 1. I can´t find a way to delete the old Pixel and can´t set my conversion ad without. SOS, SOS! . 2. Can´t find swipe files “student intake” and “weekly feedback” you mention for the Beta Launch. Thank you so much!

  5. Morning! OK I want to do the one word post today… I need to find the right word to use for my people. I asked them when they entered the group what their biggest frustration was when it came to living the life of their dreams…. So can I just use: ‘when I say YOUR DREAM LIFE IS POSSIBLE! You say…’? Does that work? Is it clear enough? I guess I can give more specifics on the post 🙂

  6. Laura, If you get someone in, another expert, to offer a service as part of you course or as a bonus can you give advice as to how they get paid, commission, percentage, returned favour, or just a big hug.

  7. Hi Laura, my current business is taking all my time away + homeschooling, which I decided to launch in June, feeling the content is holding me back, what you recommend doing? Working with a content strategist just to keep moving or wait? My freebie is out, and peo,ple are download ..hooray! My Facebook lives have been great.