#19 Live Coaching – 10am Wed 6th May

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  1. Good morning, Laura!! I would appreciate some help with strategizing. I’m finishing week 3 content and decided to make a Beta launch. My list is 15 people, 1800 on FB page, and 280 on Insta. I’m engaging with my audience, but obviously need to do more. I want to launch on May, 18 originally, but need to see how I advance on all the work leading to the launch and audience building (feeling I’m be.h.i.nd, without saying the word:). So could you please help me thinking where I should focus most and in which order. My feeling is I should get more people on my list. So probably running an ad for my freebie and continue connecting with people on IG and FB. I’m excited about sharing with the world my course and the three workshops, but I’m afraid I don’t have people to share it with. I would love to hear your advice on short term strategy. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Laura, Hope you are well.
    I am currently deciding when to launch. The beauty industry has been substantially hit by COVID 19 and after doing some research with my audience it seems a about 1% of them are using this time to grow their audience and continue building their business. The rest are homeschooling or are finding it a tough time to navigate through understandably.
    As my membership centres around coaching them to grow their business I am concerned that it wont be a good time to launch so I am considering June when possibly there might be more light on this situation, hopefully we will know more by Sunday.
    My question is, do you have any thoughts on this or the direction I should take? Do I just go ahead regardless and see what happens or wait?

  3. Hi Laura, Over the last few weeks I have swapped what to launch. Because of the the Covid 19 situation I launched a mini course on how to create a virtual retreat to my list. No takers at yet. I have not marketed that properly, but onto it now. Now I am wonder what launch to do should I package my programme as a membership or a module 8-12 week course? I am part of Stu programme but as yet haven’t upgraded . So I am rabbit in headlights need some guidance.

  4. I have created a private group to tested out my ideas and also I did three live sessions, so I won’t be dreading doing for the time for my new audience. From this group, I think I might have ten people wanted to buy my new course, which is even ready yet. Shall I do the beta session with those people who are interested right now, and leave proper launch for September? Or…. do the launch in June which will I will be more prepare?

  5. Hello! Just having a little worry about pricing. As this is the first time for this do and that most chefs are not working at the moment – i’m wondering about offering it as an ambassadors membership offer – and 50% ( is this too much) off price in return for testimonials and feedback. but how long to offer this for with a membership? should it be half price for the month they sign up for and the same if they signup for the year?

  6. In am in welcome week now – workshops next week – celebration and cart open 18th.
    Last time I had no down sell – I would quite like to offer all my modules as a self study course in case some don’t want membership/ ongoing coaching.
    Knowing my tech skills, do you think I can learn how to set that up and sell via Thrivecart as a down sell in time?