#18 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 29th April

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  1. #SOS! Hi Laura – I am right at the beginning of your workshop videos – still describing my avatar – and you said don’t skip this – so here I am, not skipping it – but needing to do a drastic catch-up. I have a huge opportunity to get in front of a large, ideal audience at the end of May as part of a Virtual Summit I am organising at the moment. I both want and need to make the most of this opportunity and launch my membership at the end of the conference – so early June. Positives – I have a warm and engaged audience and a waitlist for my membership, the virtual summit will be an amazing platform for extending my reputation and reach. Negatives – Planning the summit is taking up all my time (along with my PhD and running my membership). I don’t think I have capacity to make launch videos, I haven’t even had time to watch the L2L workshop videos yet and now I am in “stick my head in the sand and avoid it” mode. Help!

  2. Hi Laura. Please can you take a look at my big promise and 3 golden nuggets for my webinar launch, and let me know what you think. Also, would love your feedback on which headline you prefer :)https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l9DP5noTq5gfqpwfpyk1AB1PQyajsF1jFroJ0KpfG9g/edit?usp=sharing

  3. Q: My last launch for my membershipin March, you suggested I do a downsell which I did and it worked out really well! Thank you. I am right now launching my 6 week dripped course called “Trust Yourself”. Right now I’m promoting it with a webinar launch where the webinars will broadcast LIVE starting May 6th and close cart a couple weeks later. I was thinking of doing a downsell for this, I wanted to know what you would suggest as a downsell for a course like this?

  4. I have a product READY in podia. its time to sell it!
I’d rather do the webinar launch and then evergreen, and get to now out NOW.
SO, I want to sell the DIY option and then serve them within the program I am already running till the end of the year. I can add the new people to THAT. 

what is the best angle & offer:

    Create original stand out visuals for your brand, even while staying at home!

    All you need to build a never-ending bank of smart, powerful imagery & epic headshots using what you’ve got (to last beyond lockdown.) Use any camera, or only your phone.


    Create original stand out visuals for your brand, even while staying at home!


    Image Creation for Personal Brands – especially when staying at home!

    Inner reflection and self-discovery after crisis through self portraits and color work.