#17 Live Coaching – 10am Wed 29th April

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  1. Hiay, this is an update to my question that I posted on the mainpage of the hub and in the FB group. I thought I would be around for the evening call but it looks like the morning one will be better (though I may be late). Laura said that she will talk me through my question in the coaching call.
    More info-I’m teaching yoga therapy for health transformation. Clearly my customers will need to experience so I think more in a challenge than only classroom. I’m calling it Health and Healing- 7 Day Yoga Therapy Instensive. Here is the tentative schedule: Day 1-5 morning yoga therapy classes. Everyday on different theme (body themes like back care and neck + shoulders alernatived with mind/heart themes like anxiety + depression). In the evenings Mon + Wed, I want to have workshops on topics like why regular practice important, what stops us, how to practice (mindset and practically), understanding the effects of poses. On Tues + Thurs I want to have Q + A’s. On Fri eve, I want to do a bonus yoga for relaxation/yogic breathing class. Then on Sunday evening, the wrap up party and launch my new 30 Day Yoga Renewal Retreat. How does that sound?

  2. Hello! I wanted to have some words of wisdom from you! I’ve been thinking about what my customers need the most at the moment. Many yacht chefs have either lost jobs/ were looking for new ones or were about to start but basically everything in the yachting industry is on pause. Normally the season would be ramping up now and most people who work seasonally will be employed. I was thinking about uplifting workshops – party style to get people prepared for their ‘best season ever’. – focus on what they want to achieve when the season does start again – getting them into the best jobs for them, helping them work out what their strengths are. Pretty much the same content I’d planned but more of a help them get the job they want slant. My worry is that no one knows whats going to happen even if there will be a summer season at all. I think there will be, probably a slow beginning in June (there have been a couple of jobs advertised for June starts) and hopefully by August will see things moving not as usual but I’m sure the rich will find a way to escape to their yachts or have a holiday on one! But I’m worried that I’d give false hope or promise something that can’t be delivered – their best season if there is no season?. Or am I just having Launching fears and I should just get on with it? thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Laura, I’ve been watching Stu’s McClaren’s membership program (as well as researching with current/past clients as well as prospective clients) and have confirmed a membership for businesses NOT yet ready to launch a podcast is something they really need. I have people who want to work with me in launching a podcast, BUT they’re not clear on their core message, their unique offering/monetisation strategy etc – i.e. their Core Business Foundations – which is something I am able to help them with (it’s my background, which I’ve been doing with clients for some years, so definitely able to support them in this area). My question is: where and when is the best way to mention the membership (which will be a separate offering from the podcasting program?) Should I hint about this through my upcoming launch for the podcasting program, perhaps in the Celebration Party as one of the ways they can work with me? Or should I wait until the cart closes and then go back and offer the membership to people who may not have enrolled because they weren’t yet ready and would like support with setting up their Core Business Foundations getting them prepared and ready for the next time we launch the podcasting program? Thank you!

  4. Hello Laura, I´ve got a quetion around the launch kit. Does the subdomain name need to be connected to the program I´m launching or should it be a general name? Thank you.

  5. Morning! So I ran my launch challenge last week! Signs up (1900) and engagement have been fantastic 🙂 but conversions are slow (11). People want in but are saying they can’t afford it due to uncertain times and lack/loss of work. I think I did so well with challenge sign ups because more people are at home actively looking to do things. Everyone has loved my challenge. So many amazing comments! It’s not expensive at £300 but there seems to be a resistance. I am continuing to email each day, and I also have a down sell which is doing quite well! Do you have any advice when talking about the huge value that a program offers to dispel the can’t afford it objection? it just feels so understandable though that people are being financially cautious xx

  6. Hi Laura and the gang. I’m going to be launching in 12 days time. I have a question re. pre selling – I have 2 ladies that I’d identified as a good pre-sale. Would you suggest getting on a call with them? Or inviting onto my bootcamp still? x

  7. I was thinking to do online training on “how to plan your digital marketing” and I have two options: doing 6 weeks or 12 weeks, but to make things easier, the six weeks sounds good to start, what do you think? Also, I can test the market and the price will be cheaper.

  8. Laura,
    thanks for your feedback from the first call.
    I do not feel I am speaking to the right people on FB, more so on LI. Am open to promoting the free series on both channels, either as webinar launches or as a full launch.
    My thought is to do a small webinar launch to get feedback and test this material on both channels: one webinar + invitation to join a membership that will work through the program content I referenced in the previous call.
    It becomes more affordable and the larger launch could either be broken down into smaller webinar launches or stay as the full launch process.
    Q: can get the single webinar up and running quickly as a test.
    I have 5 topics I would like to address, ideally.
    Would a series of 5 separate webinar launches be a viable alternative to the launch week?
    If the first webinar is successful, would you revert to the full launch process?

  9. I’m back in action. 🙂
    Thank-you for the love and support x
    I took the optin I created down ( 9 marketing mistakes that could be killing your fitness classes), as most Instructors are unable to teach in person at the moment.
    I’ve started to think about a new freebie – it will be a flip of the existing one – a more positive version, with plenty of hints and tips to help magnetise their marketing to refill their fitness classes post lockdown. I want it to be a way to re-energise them, and to help them get their existing customers to come back to class, and to help them attract new customers who are ready to emerge from their overindulgent, sedentary lockdown life cocoon , into a fabulous new butterfly version of themselves.
    I will then create a short nurture sequence that will lead them to an offer..

    I’m unsure of the offer:
    A)Thinking of either a lower price product of a pack customisable social media posts to give them a kickstart to marketing their business again. These will be motivational posts, fill in the blanks, engagement Q&A posts (what they’ve missed most, what they are looking forward to, share a gif to show how excited you are etc around this return to new normal etc PLUS An open fill in the blanks ‘ love letter’ to their clients, which acknowledges what they will have been going through, and which encourages them that “it’s time”..time to return to class, time to selfceare (after the past few months), time to reassess their goals, time to return to class, time to start afresh, I’ve missed you, can’t wait to see you, ‘you’ve got this, woo hoo let’s do this’ type thing.
    B) to go a bigger launch of a coaching/accountability experience to get them through the first 3 months of return to the new normal, and making sure they are optimising all opportunities and staying on track

    Maybe A, leading to B?

    Sorry if this is waffled – my brain is just starting to spark back into life 🙂