#16 Live Coaching – 6pm Wed 22nd April

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  1. I’m planning the dates for my next launch – I was thinking that I might want a longer runway to do more audience building, but then that will put me in July. Should I avoid launching in the summer because people will be checked out? Should I just push through and get myself together for a mid-June launch experience and open cart the week after? I feel like my last 3 months has been non-stop content creation as I build my offer and membership content, but maybe this is just the process when you’re getting started.

  2. I’m thinking of starting a membership program (as it fits perfectly into my overall suite of offerings) – as it will focus on helping people build their reach, reputation as an Authority and their revenue – a natural extension of being able to support people who have gone through my podcast program and if people are not yet ready to launch a podcast, but still want to work on the areas I teach and can support them with.

    I was thinking that I would do a soft launch at the end of my upcoming launch in May. So while my upcoming launch will focus on my group coaching program 90-Day ‘ Idea to Launch’ your Thought Leader Podcast, for people who are not yet ready, a ‘downsell’ may be something I can offer, which could be the membership.

    Would love your thoughts on this, specifically on how best to offer it and how to position it as I mentioned this to someone (who has a membership program) and he suggested it should probably be an upsell, not a downsell. I was thinking foundation member price would be $47/month and then over time increase to $97/month.

    Thanks Laura!

  3. Through pandemic things have changed At the moment I have two possibilities as an launch offer – 1. I could launch a program called “Bestseller-Kitchen: How to write your own Bestseller in 6 Week” This is my system I’ve written 5 books so far and helped a lot of my clients to write their own book and sell it to publishers or
    2. I can do a shorter version of my planned Expert Branding Signature Course – with the focous now to reinvent yourself and rebirth your business and become the go to expert in your industry . Remember we were talking about the freebie on Monday.
    I learend my mistakes and def want to focus only on one program to launch now with your help – any suggestions to help me with the decision – what do you think would work better?

  4. I was thinking to do online training on “how to plan your digital marketing” and I have two options: doing 6 weeks or 12 weeks, but to make things easier, the six weeks sounds good to start, what do you think? Also, I can test the market and the price will be cheaper.