#15 Live Coaching – 10am Wed 22nd April

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  1. Hi Laura! How do you handle no comments unanswered in a very big launch. I do have 2 members on the team and we try to comment everything. Not easy as while you write one – 5 new pop up. Where would you put the focus yourself? Where does the team comment? Our Team comments as Team Maria Husch. It does not feel good that they use my name.
    I spend 2×30 minutes commenting. And I answer the emails that are not technical support. Would you recommand rules around that? Thank you, Maria

  2. Hi, I have to decide the dates for my launch. In Norway there are many days off in May (holidays).
    I want to do workshops and q&a calls Mond-Friday.
    And a celebration party on a Sunday and open the doors to enrollment the same day.
    If I follow the schedule in this course, what dates will that be?

  3. Hi Laura, since this is my first launch and it will be a beta, would you recommend to leave for the last week of May or June? I had so many other work commitments + homeschooling, so I’m a bit behind but I have done few important. This week I will have extra help with admin …hooray!

  4. Hi Laura, great to be back, feels like I made progress! I’ve got a question re. the price. I’m going to do Beta. Ideally, I want my course to be at £997 mark but with your recommendation of doing beta 1/2 price it just seems too cheap. So question – should I put my BETA price up?

  5. I have gone through this fear collapse thing and saw it for what it was. A right old wobble yesterday morning. I got to see where it was all coming from which is useful and I see clearly. But even saying that – I am still thinking of holding off not least because I am so behind on the schedule. I am still writing the freebie download and haven’t got an audience to speak of – still. Plus, it has made me consider the whole business model. Which is great! And I am getting good clarity about how I want to shape. So I am staying with the programme – fully – but I have no idea when to launch! It has taken me so long to get my head round the various bits of software that I am definitely scrabbling to keep up. But I am not in collapse. I am all in!! I hear your thoughts about the time available but I am just not ready!!! I am thinking September but I know you will smack me for that!!! lol

  6. Hi Laura – so good to see you and everyone else.
    Quick question: I am finding the most interesting conversations for me seem to be on LinkedIn. Do you know if anyone has used these same launch techniques in LI or LI and FB?