#14 Live Coaching – 6pm – Wed 1st April

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  1. Hi Laura,

    With your email focus you went the route of mindset. Do you suggest we/I do that too? [Or are you taking that angle because it challenges the status quo in your industry, who focus on strategy/tactic etc].
    Just wanted to check in to see what you think as I’m challenging the status quo (in my industry) around technology and the lack of strategy (or correct strategy) for service based businesses when it comes to starting a podcast.
    For me, the most common question I’m asked (when it comes to podcasting) is: Where do I start? To which people often think I’m going to rattle off a list of equipment and technologies.
    However, equipment is NOT what they need to focus on to create a podcast that enables them to build their reach, reputation and revenue from their very first episode. [I have a saying: #MessageBEFOREMicrophone ]
    Is it ok that I come from that angle – to challenge the status quo from another angle other than mindset?
    Interested in your thoughts… Thank you!

  2. Hi Laura,
    With the Cart Close email – you mentioned we should send 3 on the day the cart closes.
    Do you suggest we create three different emails or the same email but with 5 hours to go – 2 hours to go – sort of thing?
    [I notice there was one email in the template]. Thank you!

  3. Dear Laura, I’d like to launch a membership in may. I opened it already 2 weeks ago without a launch and just for my list, because I know, that many of them would benefit from some monthly mentoring, contentideas and accountability right now. So 11 joined already. So I thought about keeping the introductory price (47€ p. month) until may and use the end of the introductory price as my launch. After that launch I will raise the price to 97€ p. month. Do you think, that’s a good idea? Now, I really don’t get an idea for my launch experience. I launched my recent course with a three live-trainings just a month ago. So maybe it is to soon to do another workshop series. Is a 5 day challenge a good fit for a membership? Is a membership launch different?

  4. Hi, Laura! I would like your help with determining the most important things to FOCUS on and PRIORITIZE over the next few weeks. Like many, my progress and momentum in Love to Launch got completely thrown off-course, but one of the reasons was that as the U.S. officially moved into staying at home and quarantine, I worked like a mad woman to create and deliver a course to help educators move to online learning. We have served over 1500 students since March 13 (wow, right?!), which has been amazing, but exhausting on top of me still keeping my own tutoring business and online membership going. I will still be launching in May for our signature program (our summer cohort always starts in June), but I have to be realistic and know I may not be able to do everything at the depth I initially wanted to. I do have next week off for Easter break, and while I absolutely need to REST, I also need to get back into preparing for my launch.

    Part of the challenge is TIME… I was already very busy, but launching a new course, on top of how the work load of shifting my tutoring business takes twice as long to prep everything for digital learning, and I still tutor my students for several hours a day.

    The other challenge is my mental bandwidth for how much time I am spending on the computer. Now that all of my lesson planning is on the computer, my actual teaching of students is on the computer, my supporting my online membership is on the computer, my customer service and promoting of the course I launched is on the computer… I am finding it HARD to do more things on the computer. 🙂

    Given all of this, if I need to triage parts of this amazing Love to Launch process, which pieces should be my priorities? I am thinking planning the Launch Experience itself? Next week, if I could focus on just 2 or 3 things, what would you suggest?

    (While in a different way, I did add over 1300 people to our master email list since March 13, though not all ideal clients of the upcoming launch, and our overall community has felt MASSIVELY supported through all we have done to help them through this crisis, so I am thinking that kind of takes the places of the “email nurturing” I should have been doing.)

    Sorry so LONG, but THANK YOU for your advice! This is the first moment I have taken to sit down and even think about my launch in the last two weeks. But it is time to refocus!!

  5. I’m looking to launch my course Trust Yourself at the end of April. It is a 6 week dripped online course and the price is $297. Because of the current economic climate (COVID-19) I want to offer a payment plan. I generally prefer NOT to do a payment plan but I think now it’s necessary. People have asked for a payment plan in the past. I’m thinking a 3 payment plan of $119 per payment, pay $119 today, then $119 very 2 weeks. What are your thoughts on payment plans, and what do you suggest for doing one? What are my options if people don’t pay?

  6. I’m doing BETA launch. What are your thoughts on doing ‘application only’ when I open cart? I.e reveal the price but invite people to apply on calls. P.S. Really loving this week and copy coaching.