Coaching Call – Tue 23rd Nov 5pm GMT


  1. Hi Laura
    I’m Kathy Terrill- I’m a top eBay seller success coach
    I’ll re-open my membership mid January 2022
    I’d like ideas for better implementation of content for my new members.
    I do a welcome party with tour of our members Facebook group & website. New members get a checklist empowering them to select 1 of 2 paths- 1 focused on sales and 1 on social media. My new lower tech members are getting stuck on making the effort to “do the work”, and then they leave after1-2 months of membership. Of a total membership of 110- I lose 1-2 members a month. This month 4 of my September new joins left. All 4 did not engage/implement.
    So.. 2 ideas. A part 2 to January Welcome Party with a few steps of implementation mapped out in detail- step by step with check list
    and or – an easy to do challenge after they join so they see clear progress immediately. And if yes to challenge- any ideas on a great fast action challenge? thanks so much

  2. Hi Laura, my launch is over. I have had a conversion rate of 4.3% what means 3.5 sold spots. (contest winner got 50% off). One person was not the right fit. So remain 3 people to start. Another one wanted to come, but jumped out after card close. One person wants to go 1:1 and another one came up yesterday and may come into the group. I think I wouldn’t run the program, if I would have known to stay with 3 people. But who knows what may happen … I’m already in debriefing and really would like to have a look at what was going wrong.
    The main question for the moment is: What could I offer now and to whom? I have the proven 1:1 version, which naturally is more deep and more expensive. And I could make a special offer of a mini-series with 3 coaching-hours with the medicine wheel. Any advice about that? Thank you so much. Monika

  3. My name is Jill and I run Tutor Success Academy, a program teaching educators the “business side” of running a business. After many years of increasingly successful launches, I will admit, it all feels incredibly HARD (ewww!) and our results are taking longer to achieve. (I’m okay if this is our “new normal”, but it will take new strategies.) We have a long enrollment window over the holidays where basically we have our *official launch* event for 4 days leading into the new year (the week after Christmas, when teachers are still “off”), and then our program starts January 9. However, for people who want to lock in an early rate before the holidays start, we always have a pre-Black Friday 4 day enrollment sale. Last year we got 40 people to sign up, but this year only 12.

    **Note this summer we had a similar trend. We got a lot less people signed up for the Early Bird rate, extended it, and then gave it our all during the launch event and ended up (marginally) with our biggest launch revenue ever.

    so #1) This seems to be happening across the board for us. It’s worrisome to have such a small turnout for our biggest sale of the year. (It’s usually our best!)

    #2) I know the BIG impact is that our ads used to play a much bigger part of our launch success, and they’re a struggle now.

    I am using affiliates, but they are slow-going, so I am going to really ramp up their help when it’s time to sign up for the launch event.

    Any idea of what trainings I should be looking at, what I should be planning to add to this launch to give us a leg up. Right now, it feels like just really ramping up the CONNECTION and inspiration. We’re going to ask some of our members to take little 1 min videos sharing their stories and experiences.

    Any wisdom you can send my way??

  4. Hi Laura,
    Amy here from Kind Tide. I help businesses find their brand voice and use it to attract their favourite types of customers.
    I’m about to launch the second round of my brand communications programme, it’s part course, part coaching.
    I’m trying to figure out launch timings and when to run my launch week. Is mid to.late February a terrible time or do you think people will be ‘launched out’ by then? Or will have lost their new year’s energy and motivation? I’m just not sure if January is enough of a runway.
    Thank you!! Lovely to be back.i can’t make it live but very much looking forward to the replay ☺️

  5. Hello Laura, how are you? I’m Elena, @flourishingmadres. I help women, who are high-achieving professionals and dedicated mothers, to increase their daily well-being and grow professionally.
    I am running one free webinar per month with the goal to build my audience, and offer access to my membership for those who participated. Is there anything I absolutely need to do to make this type of launch model work? I would also appreciate some patience+consistency=results refresher:) I can imagine that being consistent with building the audience is the key, right? Thank you. 

  6. Hi Laura, can’t make the call tonight. I’m wanting to do a down sell and offer the training from the experience at £27 to my list. I was also going to add in there that the training was also in the membership and they could join for £27/m in next 48hrs only. My question is would you offer both in the same email or offer a £1 (7 day trial) instead? Cheers 😁

  7. Laure here, helping ppl start & grow their conscious business under my business UniToShine. I launched for the 2nd time with a Masterclass format (I run the same one over a few weeks as on the dates that were originally scheduled I had some ppl who signed up but only 1 who turned up live). I used for the 1st time ads. I had a small budget and the ads didn’t generate the expected leads. Essentially this launch shows some positive things (ppl are interested in what I have to offer) but anyone is turning up live and/or a little number is opening my emails. Financially this launch is a terrible failure. No sells.
    I am a bit lost a the moment and I am now considering moving away from my course/coaching program (for now) and launching a membership as I believe my audience (IG followers) could be interested in it.
    Sorry, this is not really a question, I am just really lost and tired of not being able to make it work and it is mentally and physically painful. If you have any advice/wisdom on what I could do next, where to start, etc. it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  8. Hi Laura,
    I am Yi and I help women entrepreneurs to manage their businesses. I would like to set up a product that helps them to improve the customer experience that they provide for their clients especially for their launches and their onboarding process. I am organising a pre-launch lead magnet webinar in Dec and it is a no-pitch masterclass and a launch next year around the end of January. I am not sure if I am heading in the right direction. I have a very small Facebook group and a small email list.

  9. Hi Laura, this is Bernice Rolle and I serve women in business by helping them gain clarity on finances and helping them invest for financial freedom.

    I have set up a membership called Savvy Women Collective and monthly I will deliver content on different aspects of money management, strategies to grow and protect their wealth.

    The new lead magnet that I am working on is to continue to grow my list is a 30-day email money mindset or transformation tip.

    I have a Facebook page but I am not allowed to have a Facebook group due to business. I have a small list on my Facebook page but I have access to 500 clients with my Accountant who has given me access to his client and also I have a book of existing clients of about 120 families.

    My question is, what is a good name for my email lead magnet: 1. 30 Day Money Mindset or 2) 30 Day Money Transformation Tip? And, should I do Facebook Lives or Webinar on the same topic every day to lead up to the launch in January? I am looking at this as a pre-event or should I do more for a pre-event?

  10. oh and I am Helen, running company Practical Wisdom. We provide online wellbeing courses (evergreen) for Neurodivergent folk. The coaching course we provide is Parent Thrive for ADHD parents and Financial Wellbeing for ADHD adults (including about impulse control)

  11. December: downloadable video or webinar on reviewing 2021 and planning for 2022 for parents. Printable wall planner as lead magnet. useful for Parent Thrive audience. Also 5 or 10 day Parent survive experience or resource.
    Also lead magnet on thrifty hints & tips for parents and impulse control hacks for ADHD adults. fits well for leading to Financial Wellbeing Course

    Not sure when best to run the financial wellbeing courses and the next Parent Thrive Course

  12. Alisoun – 1:04:20
    Planning a January launch, looking for ways to make it fun without causing burnout or worsening health issues.