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Let's Launch Together 2021

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  1. Week 1: Building Your Audience
    10 Lessons
  2. Week 2: Connect and Nurture
    5 Lessons
  3. Week 3: Your Launch Experience
    6 Lessons
  4. Week 4: Core Launch Content
    7 Lessons
  5. Week 5: Crafting Your Launch Copy
    4 Lessons
  6. Week 6: Assets Creation
    6 Lessons
  7. Week 7: Launch Build Up
    5 Lessons
  8. Week 8: Tech Set Up
    7 Lessons
  9. Week 9: Welcome Week
    11 Lessons
  10. Week 10: Launch Event
    8 Lessons
  11. Week 11: Conversion Week
    7 Lessons
  12. Week 12: Downsell & Debrief
    3 Lessons
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Welcome Week Day 3

  • Do something your future success will thank you for… get your debrief and tracker filled out.
  • No emails today if you have emailed your master list twice already
  • Get out a fresh social media invite post and ask your guests to share it with people they know. You could offer a prize for all social shares… NO IPADS though. Give away a company swag bag or laser coaching call for example. We want high quality shares only.
  • N.C.U. Do a full sweep and don’t forget to check your ad comments, hide (don’t delete) any negative comments from ads (this does happen)
  • Update your countdown banners if you’re using them
  • Check your ads and see how they are performing.
  • If ads are performing well increase the spend and share to different audiences.
  • If ads are performing not so well then try tweaking your message, try a different format eg video – remember that each test is moving you closer to launch success. Embrace these challenges!
  • Private outreach if things are slow… can you get 10 new people to join today?
  • Embrace the launch hustle – lets go all out!
  • Do a bonus livestream in the group – we address any objections that have come up in conversations. e.g “launches are …confusing” – we would do “what is a launch?”
  • You’re doing such an amazing job lovely!! Be VERY proud of yourself. This launch is as hard as it will ever get… you’ve put in so much work this time round and it will all pay off.