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Let's Launch Together 2021

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  1. Week 1: Building Your Audience
    10 Lessons
  2. Week 2: Connect and Nurture
    5 Lessons
  3. Week 3: Your Launch Experience
    6 Lessons
  4. Week 4: Core Launch Content
    7 Lessons
  5. Week 5: Crafting Your Launch Copy
    4 Lessons
  6. Week 6: Assets Creation
    6 Lessons
  7. Week 7: Launch Build Up
    5 Lessons
  8. Week 8: Tech Set Up
    7 Lessons
  9. Week 9: Welcome Week
    11 Lessons
  10. Week 10: Launch Event
    8 Lessons
  11. Week 11: Conversion Week
    7 Lessons
  12. Week 12: Downsell & Debrief
    3 Lessons
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Welcome Week Day 1

  • Take a moment to celebrate yourself – this is your chance to meet all those lovely people who have been following you for the first time!
  • Bring your best energy – when you ooze confidence, you’ll encourage buying confidence
  • Be, do have. BE the success, then DO what a success does, THEN you’ll have the launch success
  • Use fear as your compass – you’re moving towards bigger and better things
  • Pimp yourself out EVERYWHERE this week
  • Start off with your invite ad before anything else to get that approved
  • Send out your email invite (already created)
  • Share your event on social media
  • Open up the group if you haven’t already done so
  • Welcome in the people you know first, get them commenting so the group has more activity when others join (we invite JV partners and students in to help create more engagement first)
  • Countdown – 7 days to go! If you have countdown banners share them in the group
  • Update your website banners to send people to the launch registration page
  • Slow start? Get your launch hustle on and get in your DM’s! There will be people there just waiting to hear from you