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Short IG swipe up (all audiences including retargeting lost leads)

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Ad format

We love using these “swipe up” ads (they have to be under 15 seconds) in our launches. They work great, are low cost and can be used for all audiences on Instagram. You do not need 10k followers to use swipe up on ads! Cool, hey?

We also use this ad to retarget people who have been to the registration page but not yet signed up.

We use the Mojo app to create this video as we like the animation on it for grabbing attention.

Call to action

Simply – sign up for the event!

Which audiences?

As many as you have! Website traffic. Video views audiences. Page engagement. Post / ad engagement. Instagram account audiences. Customer email list. Lookalike email list. Cold interests! People who have visited the sign up page but not signed up.

EXCLUDE: People who have signed up so you don’t waste ad budget showing the ad to people who are already in.