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Live stream turned into an advert

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Ad format

Go live and start talking about your topic and turn it into an ad afterwards (either conversion ad or video views ad)

Call to action

There are a few options depending on whether you’re ready to drive traffic to your experience, or whether you’ve hosted the experience before and now have an “event waitlist” page set up.

Once you’re done with the live, you can turn it into a conversion ad sending traffic to your sign up page.

If you’re not ready to open up doors to the experience, you can run traffic to your “event waitlist”.

Or you can simply create the ad as a “video views” campaign to get people excited with no call to action, simply mention “something amazing coming soon”.

Which audiences?

As many as you have! Website traffic. Video views audiences. Page engagement. Post / ad engagement. Instagram account audiences. Customer email list. Lookalike audiences of email list.