Module 2, Lesson 1
In Progress

Launch Event Day 3

Actions for today…

  • Debrief first – get that data from yesterday and put it in your metrics sheet.
  • It’s a busy day today so pace yourself – you need to get folks into your next live as well as going through replays. Choose your big rocks! You can rest tomorrow ?
  • Test your tech for your workshop today.
  • If you have a group add tomorrow’s Q&A call as an event. Add the whole group if you can.
  • Make sure your links are all updated on schedules, group files etc.
  • Remind launch list that workshop 2 is today.
  • Send out a new invite to your master list – tell them what workshop 2 is all about. This is a great test to measure which workshop invite brings in the most people.
  • Turn workshop 2 invite into a social media post – pimp yourself out everywhere.
  • Update any links on emails, group, schedule and on social media
  • No comments unanswered in your group, social, inboxes (check spam folders too!)
  • Remind people to enter your engagement contest and engage with those who have entered.
  • Get your group excited about workshop 2
  • Change your banners – “workshop 2 today!”
  • If you have time – share some of the posts your launch audience have been sharing on their own social media to your accounts.
  • If you have time – do an extra livestream on social media to tell people what workshop 2 is about, its not too late to join!
  • Nourish yourself with great food and hydrate – we need to protect your energy and your voice.
  • After the workshop – do the same as launch event day 1 and download your live and upload to your replay page.