Module 2, Lesson 1
In Progress

Launch Event Day 2

Important information about ‘Watch Parties’

Facebook no longer allows you to host “Watch Parties” so please ignore references to this strategy.

Actions for today…

  • Take an hour rest this morning – nap, bath, walk, journal, whatever you need! (non-negotiable!)
  • Fill out your debrief – get those all important numbers from yesterday’s workshop and lead generation.
  • If you have a group add tomorrow’s workshop as an event. Add the whole group when you create it (not available on large groups).
  • Get your replay out to your launch list
  • Email your master list – let them know it’s not too late to join and the replay is now available.
  • Add workshop 2 link to your replay page so when people go to watch the replay they can see a new live call is coming up.
  • Add your replay to your links page
  • Test your tech for the Q&A long in advance
  • Pre-schedule your FB live if you have the software to do that – don’t forget to add a link to the launch registration page because that will appear on the livestream.
  • Update your coaching call 1 link with the Facebook video permalink
  • If you don’t have questions, make some up – you’ll get more when you go live
  • Update any links on emails, group, schedule and on social media
  • No comments unanswered in your group, social, inboxes (check spam folders too!)
  • Send out a reminder that today you are going live to answer questions (if you are in a sensitive niche, give them a Typeform to send an anonymous question)
  • Remind people to enter your engagement contest
  • Get your group excited about the Q&A if you’re using a group
  • Prep some questions so you have some to answer in advance
  • Change your banners – Q&A day today!
  • Check your engagement contest post – congratulate them for taking part!
  • If you have time, share some of the biggest insights people got from workshop 1 (obfuscate names unless you have permission to use their name and image) – get that social proof everywhere.
  • Enjoy your Q&A / coaching call! Don’t forget to tell people what the call is about when you start the livestream – there may be people who haven’t joined the launch that are watching and you can invite them to join.