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Let's Launch Together 2021

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  1. Week 1: Building Your Audience
    10 Lessons
  2. Week 2: Connect and Nurture
    5 Lessons
  3. Week 3: Your Launch Experience
    6 Lessons
  4. Week 4: Core Launch Content
    7 Lessons
  5. Week 5: Crafting Your Launch Copy
    4 Lessons
  6. Week 6: Assets Creation
    6 Lessons
  7. Week 7: Launch Build Up
    5 Lessons
  8. Week 8: Tech Set Up
    7 Lessons
  9. Week 9: Welcome Week
    11 Lessons
  10. Week 10: Launch Event
    8 Lessons
  11. Week 11: Conversion Week
    7 Lessons
  12. Week 12: Downsell & Debrief
    3 Lessons
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Your actions for today

(These may vary depending on what launch style you are doing, where you are sharing your launch workshops and how you’re promoting the launch – choose your relevant actions.)

  • PRO TIP: Fill out your debrief and tracker before you start anything.
  • It’s your time to show up, serve and shine as the leader you were born to be! I believe you in you!
  • Decide on your focus for today – more leads or more connection? Choose your big rocks!
  • Nerves are normal – take a breath and remember how far you’ve come, you’ll feel amazing after the first workshop.
  • Remember a launch the first time round is about learning – the sales will come.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get everything done on this list!
  • You can still promote the launch event all the until cart opens so don’t stop now.
  • Focus on what’s important – not faffing with banners and sales pages.
  • Do a test of your tech setup well in advance (first task of the day)
  • Schedule your engagement contest post if you haven’t already done so (to publish 30 minutes-1 hour after the start of your workshop)
  • Update your Pretty Links / Rebrandly.
  • If you have a group you can add “Workshop 1” or “Challenge 1” as an event AND tomorrow’s Q&A call as events. Invite the whole group if you can
  • Triple check your links on emails, group, schedule and on social media
  • Do a quick sweep of all comments and posts
  • Send out workshop 1 email to launch list
  • Send out a new invite to your main list promoting the first workshop – get specific about the big benefits of what you’ll be sharing today.
  • Send out a “we’re starting soon” email closer to the time of the workshop to your launch list
  • Promote your launch again on social – again, being very specific about what will be covered today
  • Get your group excited if you’re using a group – use GIFs, memes and whatever you enjoy creating.
  • Change your banners if you have them
  • If you have time, do a livestream to tell people your event starts today and you’re excited
  • “Behind the scenes quick video / live” – usually one hour before.
  • After your live workshop, download the video if required and upload overnight. Order captions at this point too if you’re using them as they can take 24 hours