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Pre-Launch Warm-Up Emails – Templates & Examples Deconstructed

Overview and Objectives

The purpose of these three emails is to start pivoting from your regular newsletter-style broadcast emails and ‘warm up’ your audience in preparation for your live launch event week. These precede any any invitations to sign up for your live event.  

This is the perfect opportunity to start shifting limiting or unhelpful or outdated beliefs your ideal client (the reader) might have around the topics you know you’ll be teaching in your live event launch week content. 

You can use these emails to:

  • Open their minds to new possibilities and ways of thinking
  • Open the curiosity gap between what they currently believe, and what might perhaps no longer be true (in the context of how things change over time – what worked last year doesn’t necessarily work now)
  • Start to pre-frame the value that you can give them through your expertise (which will be dialled up full blast during your free launch event)
  • Remind them that you’re an authority in your niche
  • Get the reader engaged with your emails by encouraging replies

You’ll see THREE example warm-up emails below, with a loose template and deconstruction of each email. The email copy is in black. My copy comments are in red.

These emails were written for the recent Let’s Launch Together launch, so bear in mind they are for Laura’s audience, and are written in Laura’s voice. 

You can take the principles and fundamentals from these examples and use them to model from (not copy!) adjusted to what you know about your own audience, and your own launch event topics. Remember to infuse them with your voice and personality!

Warm-Up Email #1

Warm-Up Email #2

Warm-Up Email #3