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Let's Launch Together 2021

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  1. Week 1: Building Your Audience
    10 Lessons
  2. Week 2: Connect and Nurture
    5 Lessons
  3. Week 3: Your Launch Experience
    6 Lessons
  4. Week 4: Core Launch Content
    7 Lessons
  5. Week 5: Crafting Your Launch Copy
    4 Lessons
  6. Week 6: Assets Creation
    6 Lessons
  7. Week 7: Launch Build Up
    5 Lessons
  8. Week 8: Tech Set Up
    7 Lessons
  9. Week 9: Welcome Week
    11 Lessons
  10. Week 10: Launch Event
    8 Lessons
  11. Week 11: Conversion Week
    7 Lessons
  12. Week 12: Downsell & Debrief
    3 Lessons
Module 11, Lesson 4
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Day 4 – Speak to objections

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Actions for today…

  • Most sales come at the end, so remember there most of your people are out there right now waiting to hear JUST ONE THING from you that gets them off the fence.
  • Use our “on the fence” poll post below in your group and follow up with those who are on the fence!
  • Send out your “on the fence” email created in week 5
  • Consider turning that email into social media posts – chunk it down
  • Show a preview of what you are offering to help people decide to join – perhaps an inside view of your membership site – cover benefits, features and objections!
  • If your offer isn’t created yet, talk through what it is you are going to be doing during your program in more detail.
  • Host an extra Q&A to answer common questions. If there are no questions, make some up that you think people are asking in their head.
  • Smile and bring your best energy… your buyers will be magnetised by how you show up!

This is a great conversion tactic to use in your group…

It enables you to create social proof AND identify who is on the fence – one of our students, Lauren, shared this strategy with us… and it worked really well. Don’t be afraid to ask people if they’re on the fence!