Module 2, Lesson 1
In Progress

Day 2 – Speak to their head

Actions for today…

  • People are really considering your offer today – what questions might they have?
  • Do an “FAQ’s” email / live stream to overcome some of the biggest objections people may have.
  • Take some time out for yourself! There is NO point in sitting there hitting refresh constantly today, save your energy for the rest of this week.
  • You can bring in a second bonus to overcome the biggest objection your folks have.
  • If sales are slow, reach out to those you thought would be a no brainer – ask them if they have any questions you can answer for them. The more conversations you have during conversion week, the higher your conversions will be.
  • Start queuing up right fit calls starting with the hottest leads – watch the bonus lesson in this module to learn more.
  • Day 2 doom? I did an in depth Facebook live here on this subject