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Let's Launch Together 2021

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  1. Week 1: Building Your Audience
    10 Lessons
  2. Week 2: Connect and Nurture
    5 Lessons
  3. Week 3: Your Launch Experience
    6 Lessons
  4. Week 4: Core Launch Content
    7 Lessons
  5. Week 5: Crafting Your Launch Copy
    4 Lessons
  6. Week 6: Assets Creation
    6 Lessons
  7. Week 7: Launch Build Up
    5 Lessons
  8. Week 8: Tech Set Up
    7 Lessons
  9. Week 9: Welcome Week
    11 Lessons
  10. Week 10: Launch Event
    8 Lessons
  11. Week 11: Conversion Week
    7 Lessons
  12. Week 12: Downsell & Debrief
    3 Lessons
Module 10, Lesson 8
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Ads plan for launch week

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Note on ads:

LLT isn’t an ads course, but I wanted to share the top ads we recommend you use if you’re using them during launch event week. There’s a mix of lead generation and content consumption ads.

Before day 1 and if signups are slow

If launch signups are slow, ad costs go up too much or we have time to run tests we’ll typically put out another ad focused specifically on the content of workshop 1 to test some messaging ideas.

Use your copy from the suggested email on Day 1 of launch event week and condense it down.

Typically we get better results using text / image ads… but remember your launch is all about testing ideas if you have the time!

Signup emails are one of your most important ad experiments and can result in a big uplift.

Tests to try: Video vs text / image, “aspirational copy” vs. “fix the problem” copy, different images.

Day 2…

Put out a video ad today ONLY to people who signed up for the launch (thank you page visits) and tell them that the replay is available! This can be a super short advert telling them the 3 key things they missed. Remember that people who see this already know you, so you can get to the point fast.

We do a super short video of this and send the traffic straight to the replay page.

This ad will cost you next to nothing… we use the “traffic” objective for this ad.

Day 3

Just like day 1, you can try workshop 2 ad using the email you created. At this point we’ll switch off the ads from workshop 1 so we don’t confuse people with multiple messages. Switch out your images so if people see them again, it’s more likely to stop the scroll.

Don’t forget to retarget people who visited the signup page but that haven’t signed up. (e.g. include launch registration page visits, exclude thank you page visits)

Day 4

Just like day 2, get out a super short snappy video ad about the replay being available – only show this to people in your launch and send them straight to workshop 2 replay.

Don’t forget to turn off the day 2 ad – otherwise you’ll be showing lots of ads to your launch guests.

Day 5

Put out an ad to your audience –  final chance to join! Especially to people who have been on the registration page but not signed up. Sometimes we use a short but sweet video (15 seconds or less to go in Instagram stories).

Here we’ll switch off workshop 2 ad unless its performing really well in which case we’ll run it an extra day.

Day 6 and 7

Get your “doors are open” ads ready! Time to share that irresistible offer with the world.

On day 7 we switch off all lead generation ads ready to switch our focus to sales!