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Goal: Start shifting the belief that launch success relies mostly on strategies and tactics, to a better belief that mindset must come first. Open the curiosity gap about how to have the right mindset. Seed the upcoming LLT live launch event. Micro-commitment inviting replies back about mindset. 


Subject #1: My snowboarder secret for launch success Intrigue

Subject #2: Who are you being? Intrigue/Question


Hey lovely!

Jump straight in to a compelling story – make sure it’s upbeat and action-oriented so it hooks the reader right in.

People are often surprised to discover I’m a snowboarder.

Not just at the ‘strap a board to my feet and hope I don’t wipe out’ level either.

I’m a ramps and rails standard snowboarder!  

You see, when I was growing up, my tomboy tendencies meant that when I saw my male friends freestyle boarding, I figured if they could do it, so could I.

6 months of lessons…and many falls and injuries followed. I’d even mastered sliding on small boxes.

And then? The Rail.

7 long metres of gleaming metal, that bad boy was crazy scary. I knew if I didn’t land correctly on top of it, at speed, I would definitely fall and hurt myself.

The only way to succeed was to get my mindset right FIRST.

I visualized over and over again effortlessly jumping onto the rail with my board, and sliding all the way to the end.

I had to cast aside all thoughts of not having done it before and approach the trick with the confidence of being a rail snowboarder.

Not trying. Not hoping. BEING.

And as the picture below shows, I nailed it!

What this life experience meant to you (the meaning behind it), AND then pivot to why that’s relevant to the reader

I don’t say this to brag, but to share a very important insight about launch success, because I see so many business owners get this part wrong, and I don’t want that for you.

You see, success is Be…Do…Have(The big ah-ha you had from your experience)

In that order.

Segue from the story to why it’s relevant to the reader, and pinpoint the limiting belief you want to shift in this email

Here’s the thing, lovely…it’s easy to look around in our marketing bubble and start to believe you need ALL of the things to have a successful launch.

Pile-it-high content…fancy website…slick high-production videos…a team the size of a small army…

But it’s just not true! (Phew, can we share a high five and a sigh of relief?!) Keep this empathetic

Authority statement, why you’re qualified to talk about this

From coaching hundreds of business owners through five, six, and seven-figure launches, here’s what I know:  

The teaching piece / big takeaway you want them to have (the belief shifter) 

How you show up, and how you become that success is way more important than trying to have the success. It’s what allows you to serve your wonderful audience from a place of authenticity instead of pushy selling.

And your launch mindset is what underpins everything.

Tease/Open the curiosity gap here. You’re saying what they need, but not (yet) telling them how they can have it

You can learn all the tactics and strategies in the world (and they have their place, of course) but if you don’t have the right mindset FIRST you’re not going to have the success you want.

Seed the fact that this is what you teach your paying clients

This is why I always start with mindset first when I’m working with my launch students before we dive into specific tactics and strategies.

It’s not enough to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ though, in case you think that’s what I mean.

Nope. It goes much deeper than that.

Like my snowboarding experience taught me….it’s 100% about stepping into BEING the successful person first, then DOING the actions required (#DoTheWork) which leads to success.

Give them relief (from the curiosity gap) by saying how they can get the answers i.e. starting to prime them for your live launch event

The good news is that I’ll be digging deep into mindset essentials in my upcoming live event, Best Launch Ever Bootcamp.

So keep your eyes peeled for more information coming to your inbox very soon.

I can’t wait to see YOU stepping into being your best self for a successful launch lovely!

Laura x 

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P.S. What’s your biggest mindset challenge when it comes to launches? Hit reply and let me know.