Emails – 2019 Version

Core Emails

  • Email 1 is sent to your whole list
  • Emails 2-6 are sent only to people who sign up for your launch event (you can also share the offer to your whole list

Email 1: Invitation to join the launch event

Objective – sign up to the event. Get them excited and share the benefits they’ll get from joining. (A shorter version/snippets can also be turned into social media posts to promote the event

Email 2: Show up live to the event

Objective – show up live on the call. Build the excitement and underline the importance of being ‘all in’ for the experience by showing up live

Email 3: We’re starting today

Objective – show up live on the call. Final excitement builder and a reminder to attend live (with details of time, and link to where you’ll be teaching.

Email 4: Mid-Launch Mindset/Momentum Booster

Objective – show up live and join in. Keep them motivated to show up, join in, get their questions answered, and engage with your launch process, focusing on the benefits they’ll get

Email 5: Offer announcement/doors are open (Cart Open day one):

Objective – be excited about your offer & click through to the sales page and buy. Re-pitch the offer you made to those who watched your final session. This is a great time to share your fast-action bonus. As well as your classroom content, it’s the sales page which does the heavy lifting. This email is to give highlights of your offer and to get them to click through to the sales page.

Email 6: On the fence email (Cart Open day 4)

Objective – click through to the sales page and buy. This is all about overcoming objections to your offer, which are keeping them on the fence.

Email 7: Last chance (Cart Close)

Objective – click through to the sales page and buy. Most people need a hard deadline to encourage them to make a buying decision, so this email helps them do that.