Email Two Example

Goal: In this email we’re challenging a commonly held belief/standard practice in the online marketing world. Start shifting the belief that you have to give SO much content away for it to be valuable, which then overwhelms people, to a better belief that you can create a result without giving away the farm and this actually serves your participants better. Open the curiosity gap about how to find the right balance. Seed the upcoming LLT live launch event.  Invite replies about content creation.


Subject #1: Creating the opposite result you intended? Curiosity question

Subject #2: They won’t thank you if you do this…Curiosity statement


Hey lovely!

The commonly held belief, or standard practice in your niche is, which you want to challenge in this email

You don’t have to stroll far into social media to see everyone banging the Value! drum.

“Give value…give more value…give them ALL of the things.”

Use the ‘share a secret’ device to draw people in and show you’ve got their best interests at heart

Well, let me share a little secret.

Present the counter-intuitive argument as to why this common practice is more harmful than helpful

Doing this can end up creating completely the opposite results of what you’d intended.

Here’s what I mean…

When you’re designing your launch you want to create a great experience for your attendees, that’s only natural.

And you probably already know a good way to showcase your expertise is to give away great content.

So far, so good.

But then the doubts set it…

Will it be valuable enough?

Have I included enough?

What if they think I’m holding the good stuff back?

This fear of not-enoughness quickly leads to thinking ‘I’m going to give away SO MUCH content they’ll be blown away with the value, and they’ll jump at the chance to buy from me.’

And before you know it you’re giving away the farm, with the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure.

Let them off the hook if they’re making this mistake (we don’t want to shame them) by acknowledging that their intentions were from a good place, they just had the wrong strategy

You start off wanting to create a Wow experience.

But you fall into the trap of giving away too much instead.

You see, giving away all your How-To’s can make you feel good in that moment, but you might be surprised to discover it doesn’t serve your audience well.

Explain the negative effects or unintended consequences this can end up having on your ideal client’s results, if they follow ‘common advice’ rather than your more nuanced, informed advice instead

It plays out in one of two ways:

Either it leaves your launch attendees completely overwhelmed, making the thought of working further with you feel like an uphill slog…so they don’t buy from you (and look elsewhere for a solution which feels more achievable).

Or it gives them the false sense of security that they can take your free launch content and implement it all alone…so they don’t buy from you (and when it doesn’t work because they don’t have your ongoing support and help, your name is mud).  

As you can see, your good intentions to give maximum value can quickly end up being a lose-lose situation.

Bad for your audience AND bad for you.

Show you’re the expert. Open the curiosity gap – again you’re telling them it’s a fine line but completely do-able (so they want to know how) and then letting them know they find out the answers in your live launch event

My role, as a launch strategist, is to show you how to walk a tricky, but all-important line:

          Giving away enough value in your launch to help your attendees get a meaningful result

          Without giving away all of your How-To’s so they don’t buy from you

Getting this balance right is absolutely doable, but it’s something I see a lot of people struggle with and get wrong.

It’s super important and that’s why I’ll be doing a deep dive into this challenging part of launches in my new live event, Best Launch Ever Bootcamp.

It’s happening really soon, and I’m SO excited to help you with this piece of the launch puzzle!

More details coming shortly!

Laura x 

Invite replies (this can also give you good ideas for content) 

P.S. Hit reply and let me know if you have any questions about creating launch content and how to get the balance right. I’ll be answering questions in the Bootcamp 🙂