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Goal: Shift the belief that launches are about sharing information, to a better belief that they’ve evolved and experience trumps information now. Open the curiosity gap about how to create an unmissable event and Laura’s methodology. Position and build excitement for the upcoming LLT live launch event.  


Subject #1: Is your launch model past its sell-by date? Curiosity question

Subject #2: Here’s what your audience is craving Curiosity/Promise

 Hello my lovely!

Jump straight in and be direct about the fact that the launch event is just about to happen, and build the excitement for it

My new live Best Launch Ever Bootcamp is just around the corner and I can’t wait to share all sorts of launch goodness with you.

It’s going to be an unmissable event!

And you know what…being unmissable is the topic of my chat with you here today.

This email is to challenge the ‘same old, same old’ model and show that there’s a new (better) way – plays on the fear of being left behind (but nicely, not with icky fear-factor)

The thing is, launches have evolved.

Here we’re laying out the problem…

You can probably remember just a few short years ago launches were all about cranking out information via a webinar or video series, and it was a novelty, right?!  

Nowadays that feels as outdated as only having 3 channels on the TV, and having to wait until a certain time to watch your fave programme. (I mean, can we even remember life before Netflix?…It’s hazy!) Use a bit of humour to keep it light

So you might be wondering HOW exactly launches have evolved?

Well, spoiler alert…we both know information is free and plentiful online.

Whatever your audience wants to know, all they have to do is grab their smartphone and type a search query. Heck, since Alexa moved in they don’t even have to type it!  

So if information is available in such abundance, what do people want instead? And more importantly what does this mean for your launch?

Now we segue into the solution to the problem

Well this is my sneak peek for you…

There’s a Maya Angelou quote which I love: Laura’s audience would likely admire Maya 

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

If you’re using a powerful quote, explain why it’s relevant in this context, and for the reader

And this is just as true for launches as it is for life in general.

The big takeaway you want the reader to get from this email – which is based on your expertise, and positions you as the person to give them the most effective/most current solution

Your audience is craving connection, especially when it comes to people they want to do business with.

The days of one-way information launches, where the ‘guru’ talks AT their audience are well past their sell-by date (which is a good thing I believe!)

Now your audience wants to have an enjoyable experience during your launch.

They want to see the real, human you, with connection and emotion! They want to feel seen and heard and be a part of your community, as well as learn from you.

And most of all, they want to feel excitement and transformation as they join in with your launch.

Acknowledge that this new way of doing things might feel like a stretch for them, and then go straight into reassuring them that you’ve got their back (this is for positioning and building trust, and showing that you genuinely care about their success)

Phew…you might be thinking that creating that level of experience for your lovely launch participants is way out of your league?

I want to reassure you…it’s my speciality!

And it’s what I love, love, LOVE to teach!

Be straight to the point now, telling them what’s about to happen and build excitement

So keep an eye out for an email from me with all the Bootcamp details landing in your inbox very soon.

It’s going to be an unmissable event, and I’ll be showing you exactly how to make your launch unmissable too.

I’m so excited for you!

Laura x