Email 5: Last Chance (Cart Close) [Framework & Copy Principles]

– Subject line: Very direct and plain – you don’t want any ambiguity here. Also using fear of missing out

– Opener – no ambiguity, letting them know it’s their last chance to join (with a bit of excitement mixed in)

– Invitation / Call to action

– Future pacing – you’re asking them to step into the version of their life where they already have the outcome they’ll have from working with you (super powerful!). Notice it’s written in the present tense as if they already have it. Make it juicy and compelling.

– Show them that you’re their champion/lighthouse who wants to help them achieve the outcomes they desire

– Be directive – they need to take action now (most people need a hard deadline to take action) – with a call to action

– Lay out the choices they have – do nothing, or join. (NB – don’t be a slimeball about if they choose to do nothing!)

– Give them a little peek into what you’ll all be working on together as soon as it starts (make them feel like they want to be part of the fun)

– One final reminder of the big promise of your program/course

– You can add details of your guarantee here if you want (risk removal)

– Call to action

– Your sign-off

– Testimonials/success stories for social proof and one final call to action