Email 4: Mid-Launch Week Mindset/Momentum Booster [Template]

Subject #1: “That one revelation lifted a weight off me” You too?  Benefit-focused ‘ah-ha’ moment quote, then ‘You too?’ to turn it back to the reader

Subject #2:  Let me introduce you to someone… Curiosity (note payoff in first section of email)


Hey lovely!

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the Planathon week?

Opener about self-sabotage/resistance to change and trying new things, and that we all have it (relatable)

This is about the time I need to introduce you to someone….your inner naughty goblin (as I like to call it)

We all have one, by the way. Me. You. Every successful entrepreneur I know. Softener, not lecturing

Your goblin might have already started whispering to you that #DoingTheWork takes effort, and life is busy, and time is stretched, and maybe you’re not quite ready to get your gifts out into the world with a launch….

Here’s what I need you to know.

Your goblin is just resistance to change showing up.

And it’s completely normal.

How to overcome it

You can acknowledge it…and carry on moving forward anyway.

You can even thank it for trying to keep you ‘safe’ by not changing…and choose to step out of your comfort zone anyway into new exciting results, with my help.

Turn a seemingly ‘bad thing’ (resistance) into a good thing

When your goblin comes knocking…that’s when you’re on the edge of a breakthrough to new levels of success!

Segue into the big benefit the reader will get from your event, and how it’s going to help them break through the bad thing (resistance/fear of trying new things etc)

You see, the reason I created this Love To Launch ® Planathon event is because I *KNOW* using launches in your business can be life-changing.

Follow your claim with social proof from the big ah-ha moments your attendees have got from the tips and vibe in your launch sessions already

I’m already seeing some amazing light-bulb moments in the group about how exciting and fun launching can be when you have my action plan to follow….

“It was really excellent to be reminded that my audience wants what I have, and my job is to let them see themselves in me. I KNOW I can do that!”

“Now I’m changing my focus and refusing to allow perfectionism to hold me back any longer”

“I am loving the fact that my paradigm is really starting to shift – to a place that I feel confident that my launch can and will be great”

“That one revelation has lifted a weight off me – thank you!”

“My biggest insight was that actually I don’t need to become someone else to be wildly successful. I already am the person I want to be in the world for what I offer. (This has been such a wonderful thing”

Another big benefit reminder, and tease that there’s still more to come

The steps I’m giving you in Planathon are the antidote to launch-stress and overwhelm.

And the good news is I’ve still got even more golden nuggets to give you in the upcoming classes and Q&A’s!

A rallying cry to stay excited and involved – for their own sake (remember this is all about them, not you!)

So this is my invitation…

          to stay excited about all the launch plan goodies you’re discovering this week

          to take massive action and implement what I’m sharing with you (hint, hint, contest winner being announced soon!)

          to commit to showing up and joining in like the pro I know you are

Because you owe it to yourself, your business, and the amazing people you’ll be serving through planning your BEST launch ever!

We’re on the home straight now.

Practical bits – details of time of next calls, how to get involved in Q&A, and where to join

Be sure to join us for the next class. It’s on [day] at [time / timezone]

And bring all your burning questions to the next Q&A session on [day] at [time/timezone] 

Also if you’ve missed any sessions you can binge-watch here: [link to replays]

See you on the call lovely,

Laura x