Email 4: Mid-Launch Week Mindset/Momentum Booster [Framework & Copy Principles]

Subject line: A direct quote from a session attendee is great (and then turn it back to them), or curiosity is always good (with a payoff in the first section of the email)


– Opener – this email is all about keeping the momentum going during your launch week, so dealing with the mindset of self-sabotage/and resistance to change and trying new things is a topic you can use. But it needs to be done in a way that’s not lecturing, rather recognising that we all have it – and then how to overcome it.

– Turn a seemingly ‘bad thing’ (resistance) into a good thing

– Segue into the big benefit the reader will get from your event, and how it’s going to help them break through the bad thing (resistance/fear of trying new things etc)

– Follow your claim with social proof from the big ah-ha moments your attendees have got from the tips and vibe in your launch sessions already

[Ask during the early workshop sessions, or in a separate post what Big Ah-Ha’s people got from the session, or what they’ve been most excited about learning – this gives you fodder to use in this email]

– Another big benefit reminder, and tease that there’s still more to come

– A rallying cry to stay excited and involved – for their own sake (remember this is all about them, not you!)

– A reminder of the practical bits – details of the time of next calls, how to get involved in Q&A, and where to join

– Your sign-off