Email 4: Cart Open day 4 [Framework & Copy Principles]

– Subject line: Either curiosity-based (checking if they’ve got questions), or reference your offer ask if they’ve got questions

– Opener (only use this if it’s true. Otherwise it’s icky) – a short sentence referencing the fact that people have already joined, and you’re all excited to start the course/program. This serves two purposes – social proof, and FOMO (fear of missing out)

– Bring it straight back to the reader – how can you help them make a decision

– We’re addressing 3 of the most common objections/fears which are making them hesitate to buy, through this FAQ format.


Typically these are:

Will this work for me? (Everyone thinks their own situation is unique. They worry that even though it’s worked for other people, it might not work for them / will they be able to keep up etc. )

I’m too busy / I don’t have enough time (This is actually fear of change and not feeling ‘ready enough’ in disguise)

Having tried stuff in the past and failed (Most people have already tried something to solve their problem (in this case growing your business) and ‘failed’ / didn’t get the outcome they wanted for various reasons)

– Use a testimonial or case study to back up each of your objection-busting FAQ’s

– Add calls to action with links to the sales page throughout

– Urgency close – remind them that the doors are closing soon

– Your sign-off

– Invite them to get in touch with any questions they might have